ZTE suggests to push 20GB memory mobile phone

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With the progress of technology, the configuration of smart phones is getting higher and higher, and the configuration competition is still fierce. For example, for memory, the memory of many new machines has exceeded the capacity of many users’ laptops. For example, Lenovo has launched the 2 Pro mobile phone of the rescuer with 18gb memory.

Yesterday, ZTE executive Lu Qian Hao said on Weibo, “20GB memory phones are not as smooth as yyds.” It is suggested that a 20GB memory smartphone will be launched.

Since there are already 18gb of mobile phones on the market, it is not surprising that 20GB of memory phones are coming. However, some netizens speculate that ZTE’s way to achieve 20GB of memory is possible, that is, many manufacturers have supported memory expansion technology, that is, to expand 18gb of memory to 20GB. Previously, Huawei, oppo, vivo and millet have introduced similar technologies. In fact, in case of insufficient memory, a part of the memory stored is used to “temporarily” replace memory. This function will occupy part of the storage space and need to be used when there is enough storage space.

Of course, ZTE’s mobile phone is not ruled out to have 20GB of physical memory.

Today, consumers can buy 18gb of memory mobile phones, and 12 or even 16GB of memory have become the standard for Android flagship models. It is foreseeable that 20GB of memory mobile phones are not far from commercial.