ZTE axon 30 series April 15

ZTE axon 30 series April 15

ZTE Mobile has just officially announced the release date of the new machine: “ZTE axon 30 series high-energy attack, April 15, no see.”.

ZTE axon 30 series April 15

There’s also an art and sports video, but it doesn’t seem to have much substance.


It home has learned that ZTE’s axon 30 series has been warmed up for many times. It is known that it has three heads and six arms, controls the Dragon Well, and reincarnates the new God. The machine will be equipped with three 64 megapixel main cameras and a Qualcomm snapdragon 888 chip.


Judging from the previous information, the machine will have a built-in 4500mAh battery, support 55W or 65W fast charging, adopt a 1080p resolution viscino under screen front-end display panel, refresh rate and touch sampling rate of 120Hz / 360hz, support 10bit color, front 44mp lens, run a new myos system, and be equipped with dual speakers, linear motor, etc.


In addition, the industry believes that the machine will also be equipped with off screen camera technology, but the official has never said so. However, according to digital blogger @ digital chat station, ZTE’s axon 30 series will be equipped with a single hole screen in the middle, and all the front camera phones under the screen will be postponed.

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