Xiaomi’s new folding screen model is first exposed

Xiaomi's new folding screen model is first exposed

Previously, Xiaomi’s first new foldable screen, which has been exposed by real machine spy photos, has design details surfaced. This is the full screen design with no openings in the foldable display part, although it sounds like the main screen has been cancelled. The front lens is actually not the case. Instead, it uses the design of a lifting camera to realize functions such as video conferencing or video calls, which is somewhat similar to the patented design applied by Xiaomi in the past. As for the mobile phone model is M2011J18C, it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor and a 100-megapixel camera. It is rumored that it may be included in the Xiaomi MIX series to meet us.

Xiaomi's new folding screen model is first exposed
The main screen adopts true full screen design

Although the spy photos of the new Xiaomi folding screen have been exposed, in addition to the inward folding design, it has not revealed other valuable information. However, according to the latest disclosure of the blogger  the reason why Xiaomi’s new folding screen looks better than Samsung Z Fold 2 is that the main screen adopts a full-screen design without openings, and the secondary screen is partially non-centered. Install the camera by punching.

However, this does not mean that Xiaomi’s new folding screen has cancelled the main screen camera. According to the news from the internal staff of Youshang, the design of inward folding + lifting camera adopted by Xiaomi this time is relatively close to the patented design applied by Xiaomi in the past. That is to say, the new Xiaomi folding screen will use a lift camera to achieve a full-screen shape. When a video conference or video call is needed, the camera will pop up to operate like the Redmi K30 Pro.

First exposure of mobile phone model
First exposure of mobile phone model

In other words, Xiaomi’s new folding screen, including the main screen and the secondary screen, will be equipped with cameras, but it is different from the Samsung Z Fold 2 in that the folding screen part is replaced with a lifting camera design. The side effect is naturally the thickness of the body. The aspect may not be satisfactory. However, it is still unclear about the size of the secondary screen of the new Xiaomi folding screen. As for the main screen, an 8-inch folding screen panel will be used. The supplier is said to be from Huaxing Optoelectronics. Although the engineering machine is initially adapted to a 90Hz refresh rate, But the production version will support 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s worth mentioning that Xiaomi’s new folding screen has already been extracted from the MIUI12 system, including the internal code-named “Cetus”. It will be equipped with a Snapdragon processor and a 100-megapixel camera, etc., and consider To the market positioning of the machine, it is expected to be the Xiaolong 888 processor. At the same time, some sources disclosed that the phone model of the phone is M2011J18C. Therefore, when the model of Xiaomi’s new phone this year has been iterated to “K”, it means that Xiaomi’s new folding screen phone should be opened earlier.

Or will be classified under the name of the MIX series

In addition, although some sources said in the past, Xiaomi will also use UTG ultra-thin glass as the cover of the folding screen, which has better durability and touch. But if it is to purchase products from Samsung, it will not be available until the third quarter of this year, so there is a high probability that it will still be a plastic CPI cover like the Huawei Mate X2.

As for the release time that everyone is concerned about, the statement from DSCC founder @Ross Young previously disclosed that it will debut this spring, and the earliest news that Xiaomi Mi 11 will be released at the end of last year said “soon”, and even revealed that Xiaomi MIX The new opportunities in the series include folding screens and under-screen cameras, and they will be launched in the first half of this year. Therefore, when Mi MIX 4 appears on the MIUI website, it may mean that Xiaomi’s first new folding screen will be included in the MIX series. Next, meet us as soon as the second quarter of this year.