Xiaomi was suddenly “blocked” by the US

However, according to the ban, it seems

The hot sale of Xiaomi Mi 11 has once again made Xiaomi excited, and Xiaomi’s stock has also soared. A few days ago, Lei Jun also released Weibo, saying that he finally fulfilled his promise of the year and doubled the shares of Xiaomi investors. However, the good times didn’t last long. Just recently, Xiaomi flew in for no reason and was suddenly blacklisted by the US government. Xiaomi’s stock also plummeted and fell by about 9% before the deadline. The highest market value had lost nearly 100 billion.

Xiaomi was suddenly "blocked" by the US
According to Reuters, 9 Chinese companies have been blacklisted this time. Among them are Xiaomi and COMAC. The remaining seven Chinese companies that have been blacklisted include: China Micro Semiconductor Equipment (China Micro), Luokung Technology, Beijing Zhongguancun Development and Investment Center, GTCOM Technology Co., Ltd., Gowin Semiconductor, Grand China Airlines, Air China group. Up to now, 35 domestic manufacturers have been blacklisted by the United States. It should be said that Huawei was the hardest hit.

The reason given by the U.S. Department of Commerce to blacklist these vendors is still “threatening national security.” According to the relevant ban, US investors must sell their shares in “blacklisted” companies before November 11.

However, according to the ban, it seems
However, according to the ban, it seems that Xiaomi is only an investment ban, not a technology ban like Huawei. Therefore, Xiaomi’s products should not be affected in terms of innovation. As for how Xiaomi will respond next, and how the country will respond, let’s look at the follow-up situation. For more scientific and technological information, come and follow us!