Xiaomi releases the first four-track waterfall screen concept phone

realizing a non-cavitation design

Today, Xiaomi’s official social media account announced the official release of the first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone. The body has no openings and no buttons, achieving a one-piece, non-porous design.

However, Xiaomi has not mentioned the listing date and price.

Xiaomi has not mentioned the listing date and price.

According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, Xiaomi’s four-curved waterfall screen concept phone has an 88° super-curved screen design on all sides. Xiaomi claims that the 88° deep-curved four-curved glass has broken the technological limit of glass production. Compared with ordinary 3D glass, the difficulty of hot bending and polishing is exponentially higher.


Xiaomi uses self-developed glass processing equipment to heat-bend it at 800 degrees Celsius, high temperature and high pressure. It uses four different polishing equipment and more than ten complex polishing processes to polish a piece of ultra-curved glass with 88° deep bending on all sides.

In addition, the 88° four-curved glass and the flexible screen need to overcome the bending stress caused by the extreme bending angle and extremely small bending radius, and the innovative screen stacking design can be used to achieve flawlessness.

realizing a non-cavitation design
Judging from the rendering, the frame of Xiaomi’s four-curved waterfall screen concept phone is almost entirely replaced by the screen, without openings, and no buttons, realizing a non-cavitation design.

According to reports, the phone will use ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics to achieve external sound output, and Xiaomi pioneered the flexible film screen sound technology to replace the handset. In addition, the phone also has technologies such as high-power wireless charging, pressure-sensitive buttons, and third-generation under-screen lenses.

According to Xiaomi, this is an attempt of our screen form and an exploration of the form of future mobile phones.

In 2019, Xiaomi released a concept phone, the Mi MIX Alpha, with a body surrounded by a whole screen, priced at 19,999 yuan. However, due to the difficulty of mass production, we finally decided not to mass produce. Lei Jun also acknowledged this, saying that Xiaomi MIX Alpha is a pre-research project and has completed the pre-research goal and will concentrate on doing the next generation MIX.