Xiaomi mix 4 starts

New version of iPhoneSE exposed

With the addition of a large number of functions, MIUI system, once famous for its excellent experience and fluency, has become the biggest burden of the flagship of millet. The oversize system causes the probability of BUG to appear very high, and often make complaints about carton and fever.

Therefore, not long ago, Xiaomi MIUI team also set up a pioneer group to solve various system problems that affect the experience based on user feedback of MIUI 12.5. At the same time, Xiaomi also made two-way preparations.

According to the latest information, Xiaomi is expected to officially release the next generation of large version upgraded MIUI 13 system as soon as July 16. This is also a work that Xiaomi has been brewing for almost two years. Previously, it was reported that the lack of experience of MIUI 12 is due to the fact that Xiaomi has used a large number of people to develop the new version of the system.

According to the previous message, MIUI 13 will add a lot of streamlined design. After all, the problem of MIUI bloated is quite serious. Function plug-ins will also be provided on MIUI 13. Only the default streamlined functions will be retained. Users can choose the required function modules to install.

In this way, it will effectively improve the current problems of MIUI 12.5, such as stuck. At the same time, the message also said that the system version of MIUI 13 under internal test has also added memory expansion technology, which can be activated through a special switch, which can improve the fluency of small memory models.

In addition, the distributed menu is also a highlight of MIUI 13.

The most noteworthy thing is that according to previous rumors, the flagship work of Xiaomi mix 4 will be pre installed with MIUI 13 system. This machine is the first mass-produced under screen camera model of Xiaomi, which represents another exploration of mobile phone screen by Xiaomi. This machine may appear together with Xiaomi tablet 5 in mid and late August, which is worth looking forward to.

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