Xiaomi conference scene 2

Xiaomi conference scene 2

Last night, Xiaomi officially held a spring new product launch. Lei Jun brought three Xiaomi 11 series new machines, as well as Xiaomi Bracelet 6, charger, router and other equipment in two hours.

Xiaomi conference scene 2

The most popular millet mix and self-developed chip did not appear last night, but will be officially announced at the second press conference at 19:30 tonight.


Although the official information of Xiaomi’s mix and self-developed chip has not yet been released, according to the latest news of Xiaomi mobile official micro, the new machine of Xiaomi mix will carry this self-developed “small chip” to meet with you.


According to the previous news, this “surging” self-developed chip may be an ISP chip, which is an independent chip in charge of processing camera data. It can process the color, light and other information collected by mobile phone lens, and finally present a perfect picture, which is an indispensable part of mobile phone photography.


And the blessing of Xiaomi’s self-developed ISP chip will bring a breakthrough in the previous imaging system and a better shooting experience for Xiaomi’s mix new machine.


However, just an excellent ISP chip is not enough to guarantee the powerful performance of the new mix camera. The new mix camera also has the first liquid lens in the world, which can wrap the liquid flowing through the film instead of the traditional optical lens. It achieves the zoom effect similar to the “lens” of the human eye, and can realize the coexistence of long focus and micro range. One camera can be used as two.


In addition to the excellent imaging system, Xiaomi mix series, as the pioneer of screen technology, will bring new screen form again this time, presenting it in the way of folding screen.


According to the disclosure, the new Xiaomi mix will adopt a folding scheme similar to Samsung fold, with a folding main screen as high as 8 inches without any openings. The screen effect is extremely shocking. This is also the first mass-produced folding screen mobile phone in the history of Xiaomi, which shows the technical strength of Xiaomi Mobile phone and is worth looking forward to.

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