Xiaomi 11Pro confirms 120X periscope telephoto

Xiaomi 11Pro confirms 120X periscope telephoto

If you are not satisfied with the telephoto performance of Mi 11, the upcoming Mi 11 Pro may make up for this shortcoming. According to the latest news disclosed by the blogger, the Mi 11 Pro is still a combination of three rear cameras, but it is equipped with a periscope lens and supports 120x digital zoom. At the same time, the machine will also be equipped with symmetrical dual speakers and support IP68 waterproof function, with a combination of 120w wired + 50w wireless fast charging. As for the oversized version, it is said that it will use the under-screen camera design for the first time, equipped with a 5000mAh battery and support 80w wireless fast charging, or will meet us in April this year.

Xiaomi 11Pro confirms 120X periscope telephoto
Equipped with 120X periscope lens

Previously, it has been reported that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be upgraded in terms of taking pictures and fast charging compared to Xiaomi Mi 11. This is that Mi 11 Pro is still a combination of rear three cameras, and will support 120 times digital zoom function, which means The machine will switch to a periscope design in the telephoto part, and provide at least five times optical zoom. In addition, the rear three-camera of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will also have a change in the lens arrangement compared to the Mi 11, from the two lenses on the left to the two lenses above for blackening, and due to the use of a larger sensor , So the entire rectangular camera module will be wider.

At the same time, some sources said that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will replace all front and rear camera sensors. Among them, the rear three cameras will be Samsung GN2 and two Sony IMX586, which is a combination of 50MP main camera + 48MP ultra wide + 48MP telephoto. As for the front lens, although the sensor model is not given, it is said to be compared with Xiaomi 11 will be upgraded. It is reported that the Samsung GN2 sensor equipped with Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro has a photosensitive area of ​​about 1/1.3 inches. Compared with GN1, the hard parameters have not changed much. The main details and software technology are updated, and it can also output 100MP photos by interpolation.

it can also output 100MP photos by interpolation.
Comprehensive upgrade of sound quality and fast charging technology

Not only that, the same source also revealed that the Mi 11 Pro is positioned as a music camera phone. It will use a symmetrical dual-speaker design and the professional tuning of Harman Kardon, which can be regarded as an optimized version of Mi 11. In terms of fast charging technology, wired fast charging will be upgraded to 120w, but wireless charging is still at the level of 50w, and it may add support for IP68 waterproof and dustproof functions. Earlier, the blogger @数码闲聊站 also hinted that Xiaomi 11 Pro will excel in audio, and may once again win the first place in DxOMark audio ranking.

Mi 11 Pro is also rumored to increase the battery capacity to 4700mAh+, but there will be no changes in display parameters. It is also equipped with a 6.81-inch 2K+ single-hole four-curved display, supporting 120Hz refresh rate and 480Hz touch sampling rate, and 10bit+MEMC+HDR10+ and other functions. It is pre-installed with MIUI12.5 system and equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, but the weight will also increase due to more sufficient materials.

Extra large cup with under-screen camera

It is worth noting that the source also said that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Super Cup will use under-screen camera technology, but the price paid for this is the removal of Gorilla Glass and the resolution to FHD+ level, mainly for the Mi MIX series in the second half of the year. Reserve space for upgrades. However, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series super cups still have big tricks in charging this time. This is that the wired fast charge will be upgraded to about 125w, and the 80w wireless second charging technology will be launched for the first time, and even the battery capacity will be increased to about 5000mAh.

Although the authenticity of the news has yet to be confirmed, the market research agency TrendForce has previously disclosed a similar statement, stating that the top flagship of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series will be equipped with the under-screen camera technology developed by Xiaomi, but the release time will be slightly later than the Xiaomi Mi 11. As for the release time that everyone is concerned about, the news from reliable channels will not appear until around April this year, so I believe that more accurate information may not be released until after the Spring Festival.