Xiaomi 11 mobile phone released on December 2

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It was reported on December 14 that the Xiaomi 11 series will be officially released on December 29.


According to the report, Xiaomi 11 will be officially sold this month. If December 29 is the release date, then Xiaomi 11 may go on sale on that day.


As the annual flagship of Xiaomi in 2021, Xiaomi 11 will launch the flagship processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 888. Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi group in China and general manager of redmi brand, stressed that “the first launch is not the same thing as the first launch”, implying that Xiaomi 11 is the real first launch of snapdragon 888 and enjoys a certain period of independence.

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Not only that, Xiaomi 11 adopts curved hole digging screen scheme, the front camera opening is located in the upper left corner, the refresh rate may be 120Hz, it is equipped with 8GB memory, pre installed Android 11 system, and supports 55W fast charging.


It is worth noting that the rendered image shows that Xiaomi 11 has three cameras, one less than the previous generation. The main camera may be 100 million pixels. It is not sure whether to support OIS optical anti shake.


Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, said that Xiaolong 888 is the most powerful mobile platform in the history of Qualcomm. It brings breakthroughs and innovations in AI, games and cameras.


I’m glad that our new flagship smartphone Xiaomi 11 is equipped with the snapdragon 888, another cutting-edge product that will carry a variety of hard core technologies.