Xiao Bian Sui Sui Nian: Is the end of small appliances a refined life or idle waste?

small appliances

Some people say that there is a delicate life hidden in small household appliances. In the morning, use a disposable soymilk machine to boil a cup of soy milk to welcome a full day; at noon, use an electric baking pan and a wall breaker to make a nutritious lunch, and enjoy the food with your family happy in the evening; Use the air fryer to get a pot of golden chicken wings and enjoy the beauty of life. Some people say that small household appliances are flashy, they are left unused when they are bought, but they are not used a few times. What is the impression of the editors and reporters of Guangzhou Daily on small appliances? When using small appliances, have you encountered any upsetting or happy things? Listen to their stories about small appliances! I and small appliances Fall in love and kill each other in running-spark global limited

In recent days, the weather is dry, and I often wake up in the morning by a humidifier, reminding me to add water to it, and I can’t help but send out a lazy star’s question: “This small appliance, everyone is an adult. Why can’t you take care of yourself? ?” Electric baking pans, wall-breakers, yogurt machines, air fryer…They have the outerwear of science and technology, friendly prices, the potential of Internet celebrities, big data accurate delivery, you can plant grass inadvertently, and place an order with your finger. As if possessing them, life can be as exquisite and beautiful as shown in the commercials. The fact? The fact is that they had already been delivered by express delivery, and they were quietly placed in the corner of the house and gradually fell into dust. It’s not that I don’t want them to shine in the post, but that the thin user guide is really obscure. Reading is only the first step. Then there are APP installation, WiFi connection, function debugging, no less than Master a new skill, not to mention daily maintenance after use. Sweeping robots are often stuck on the sofa and cannot come out. The soymilk squeezed out by the soymilk machine must be manually filtered. The filter of the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned and replaced frequently. If they want to perform their duties in a safe and secure manner, the host must also practice. General martial arts. I’m busy in this lap, how much convenience smart small appliances bring to my life remains to be considered, but my own learning ability has been severely tested, fortunately, I have not degraded to the point that I can’t even use the remote control.

Smart home appliances are booming, and new products are emerging in an endless stream. Machines and people seem to be the relationship between service and being served, but in fact, they love each other in the process of constant running-in. The development of science and technology is moving towards the goal of liberating human hands. The realization of life cannot be done without the participation of the human subject. Streamlining does not mean perfunctory. A person who can live peacefully with small appliances must be a person who loves life. (Ji Shelling).Do usability evaluation first I think I’m a person who doesn’t like to buy things very much, and there is a set of unfocused theories behind it. Now that the house price is so high, if the place at home is occupied by relatively worthless sundries, it will hinder my enjoyment of the space. A bad deal. It wasn’t until I moved two years ago that the cleaned-up items contained 20 huge garbage bags, many of which were small household appliances that I did not know I bought in the Year of the Monkey. Only then did I realize how tired I was. At that time, there was an illusion that these sundries might still be useful for one day, so I bought two large storage racks and put these sundries into storage boxes. Facts have proved that in more than two years, these storage boxes have not been opened once.