Xbox cloud game will be launched on IOS and PC

Xbox cloud game will be launched on IOS and PC

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With the advent of more and more excellent games, the requirements of game electronic devices are also higher and higher. Manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sony, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD have to launch a number of new products every year to meet people’s demand for electronic devices. But in the future, people may be able to use their mobile phones to play the 3A game.



Recently, Microsoft said that Xbox cloud games will be launched on IOS and PC platforms next spring. According to some details of the cloud game service roadmap shared by Microsoft, in addition to Android devices, Microsoft will launch cloud games on IOS and PC platforms. It is understood that Xbox cloud games don’t need a separate subscription. Users only need to pay $14.99 a month to subscribe to the Xbox game pass ultimate service to enjoy the games on Xbox.



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Affected by network delay, users still need to be near Microsoft’s data center to enjoy Xbox cloud games more happily. So Microsoft can only take the lead in launching Xbox cloud game service in the United States, Canada, South Korea and some European countries. It plans to launch the service in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico in the future.


Cloud games can let users get rid of the restrictions of devices, and can play 3A masterpieces they want to play through the Internet without the latest related products. However, cloud game service has a high demand on the network, which requires the network to be stable and fast to enjoy the service.