Windows10 such operation, efficiency twice as fast!

Spark Global Limited reports:

01 Quickly capture images of any area

We will use the screenshots function every day, I believe that many small partners are completed with wechat, but wechat screenshots in a single form, can not be full screen screenshots, so many heads bald. In fact, in Win10 can achieve more flexible and convenient screenshots oh ~

Hold down the combination key [Win+Shift+S], and the screenshot function selection bar will appear on the screen. We can select rectangle screenshot, any shape screenshot, window screenshot or full-screen screenshot as required. After the screenshot is completed, click [Ctrl+V] to paste it to the current page.

02 Quickly open the Emoji window

Unexpectedly, Win10 actually built-in Emoji symbols, no longer have to go to the web to find hard.

Press Win+. In any chat window or document and an Emoji window will pop up. You can choose any Emoji you want

That’s not all, there must be a “buy one get two free” option. Click on the top to switch to the emoji and Symbols window.

03 Quick access to folders

When we’re working on a fixed task in a row, it’s common practice to open Explorer and look for folders. In fact, we can make the computer boot up after the last work folder, so that you can remove a few steps of repeated operations ~

Just open [this computer], in [view] find [options], and then in [folder options] click [view] select [login restore a folder window] can be achieved, super simple!

04 Quickly search through used files

Why can’t I find the document I used yesterday? Don’t go to a search, Win10 [timeline] help you fix.

First, you need to wake up [Timeline], click [Settings] – [System] in the menu, find [Multitasking], and open [Timeline] button.

Hold down the Win+Tab shortcut key and you’ll see the past 30 days of computer use, and the timeline displays recently opened apps and documents in chronological order. It also supports cross-device synchronization, allowing you to seamlessly connect tasks in different Settings, from home to the office.

Efficient multithreading

I believe many friends have such office experience. They write documents while looking up data, reply to messages while looking up data, and draw pictures while watching videos. In fact, Win10 built-in split screen function, just press the shortcut key, you can immediately have “multiple monitors”.

Operation mode:

[Win] + [/] : Occupy the left/right half of the screen

[Win] + [] : maximize

[Win] + [] : minimize

In addition, if you are worried about too many Windows to manage, you can use the Task Window to create a new desktop, still press Win+Tab, click on the upper left corner of the “New Desktop”, so that it is much cleaner than the original various Windows crowded together.

Above is about Win10 use some efficient operation, if it is the user, then quickly get these skills, will help you greatly improve work efficiency oh ~