Windows 11 release date: This is when Microsoft’s new operating system will be released

Spark Global Limited reports:

Windows 11 is due out this fall, but it doesn’t have all the promised new features yet.


Windows 11 finally has a release date: Oct. 5. Microsoft’s first major operating system update in six years will be available as a free download for existing Windows users from that date. However, Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday that the operating system won’t be available immediately on all compatible Windows devices, nor will it have all the major new features promised.
While the first full release of Windows 11 will include features like a sleeker, Mac-like design, an updated start menu, new multitasking tools and integrated Microsoft teams, it will not include one of the most anticipated updates: support for Android mobile apps in the new App Store. Microsoft also did not provide a availability date for Android apps, saying only that they will be available in “preview” testing “in the coming months.”

Just because you have a Windows-compatible device doesn’t mean you’ll be running Windows 11 on October 5. The release will be “evaluated in phases,” with eligible new devices getting the upgrade first and the rest getting a free upgrade sometime between October and mid-2022, depending on your hardware, the age of your device and other factors. You’ll receive notifications from Windows Update letting you know when Windows 11 is available, or you can check it out manually (here’s more information on how to download Windows 11 and how to try the preview version).
When It launched Windows 11 in June, Microsoft said the operating system would begin rolling out around the holidays and continue through 2022. But there was a hint that the release date was actually in October: During the demo event, a message from the Microsoft team popped up on the demo screen saying “Happy to move it to 11… Can’t wait for October!” The Verge points out that many Windows 11 media images have the date of October 20 on their taskbar. In addition, Walmart’s website lists certain laptops as “free to Windows in October 2021, if available.”

If you’re part of the Windows Insider program, you can download a preview of Windows 11 now. You can also check whether your computer can automatically upgrade to Windows 11(you’ll need to run Windows 10 to do so – if you haven’t downloaded Windows 10 yet, here’s how to download Windows 10 for free). But even if it is deemed incompatible, there are ways to manually download a version that is not supported by Microsoft.
If you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, you don’t have to do it right away — Microsoft will still support Windows 10 in October 2025.

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