Windows 10 more new features exposed: user cleaning suggestions, battery monitoring, etc

Windows 10 more new features exposed: user cleaning suggestions, battery monitoring, etc

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has provided more powerful “Settings” to help users customize the default configuration. Currently, “Settings” can meet the needs of most users, but Microsoft is still strengthening its functions.

In a new preview version, Microsoft has developed a new function called “user cleaning suggestions”. You can find this function in “storage” in “Settings”. In “user cleaning suggestions”, the system will list the files that are not important or have never been used.

Similarly, Microsoft has introduced the “archive application” function into the “Settings” application. This was first discovered in a preview earlier this year, but for some reason the feature was removed, but windows 10 build 21277 finally restored it.

As the name suggests, this feature automatically unloads and removes applications while keeping files and settings in the cloud. The archive application feature is only available for applications available in the Microsoft Store, and Windows 10 will automatically download and install the archived applications when needed.

Windows 10 setup also brings new battery monitoring, which contains complete information about screen activity, etc. As shown in the figure, the battery monitoring will also show the battery usage chart of the past 24 hours or 7 days. Microsoft is trying to improve taskbar customization. Move the next menu from Microsoft to the next menu section.

Various important options (task view and search box) move from the taskbar right-click menu to settings. This will simplify the experience, but will also prevent users from customizing the taskbar on inactive windows 10 computers.

Windows 10’s default lock screen also has a new feature that uses acceleration sensors on the hardware device to rotate the background wallpaper.

In addition, some functions have been canceled by Windows 10, such as windows set and windows timeline.