Win10 years of regret finally made up

Win10 years of regret finally made up

For many years, there has been a joke about why it can’t be copied from the computer at home and pasted on another computer at the company. In Win10 1809, this joke finally became a reality. Win10 brings the “cloud clipboard” feature. As long as two Win10 PCs are logged in to the same account, then press the “Win+V” key to call out cloud clipboard Board, through the network synchronization to realize the clip copy between different computers.

Win10 years of regret finally made up

Cloud clipboard in Win10

However, this function has always had a regret, that is, basically only cloud copy and paste text, and no other functions. In addition, Win10’s clipboard can’t remove the format, which brings a lot of trouble.

Now, this regret is finally about to make up! In Win10 21H2, which will arrive in the second half of this year, a brand-new clipboard manager will be brought, which has far better functions than before!

In the latest Win10 21H2 preview version, this brand new clipboard manager has appeared. Foreign media Windows Lastest brings a fresh experience about it, let’s take a look.

First of all, the new clipboard manager has many improvements in function, allowing users to insert emoticons, GIFs, and the contents of the clipboard, and it is also compatible with various text formats.

In appearance, the new clipboard manager uses Fluent Design, which can bring a better touch experience, as seen in the previous Windows 10X.

Win10 years of regret finally made up

New clipboard manager with functions such as input emoticons

The new clipboard manager allows users to more easily add media content in various applications, such as Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

Its usage is similar to before. Press “Win+V” to call up the clipboard manager, and click on emoji or GIF to add it to the text area. In addition, it also has a search function, you can find more content by searching the sliding list.

A new copy and paste experience

For many years, there has been a problem with pasting text into emails, documents, and other apps-if you want to remove the formatting of the pasted text, such as fonts, paragraphs, etc., it often requires a lot of patience, the usual practice It is to paste into Notepad first, and then copy from Notepad.

In the new clipboard manager of Win10, there are not only more functions in cloud clipping, but also a new option of “paste as plain text”.


For example, if you copy a paragraph of text directly from a web page and paste it into Word, there will be various messy formatting

As shown in the screenshot above, when copying text from the encyclopedia page, the current Win10 clipboard will retain the relevant format (links, fonts, various languages, numbers, tables, addresses, etc.).

In Win10 21H2, if you press “Win+V” to call up the clipboard manager, no matter what you want to paste, you can use the new option called “Paste as Text”.


New clipboard manager, you can remove formatting and paste as plain text

This new option allows you to reset the text format, remove links and font styles you don’t want, such as bold, italic, etc.

Function details

Currently, Microsoft is testing more improvements to the clipboard manager in the internal version. This new clipboard manager will be later this year, with the arrival of Win10 21H2, let’s look forward to it together.