Will the competition for 5nm chips continue to compete with “running points”?

Will the competition for 5nm chips continue to compete with "running points"?

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Sina digital news on the morning of December 3, although Apple has removed the charger and headset from the iPhone package this year, the Brazilian authorities ruled that apple must sell new iPhones with accessories locally.


This year’s iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a charger, which seems to have become common knowledge among users. There are exceptions, however, with Sao Paulo in Brazil deciding that accessories still need to be included in Apple’s new iPhones. The decision, announced yesterday by Folha de S. Paulo, was confirmed today by Procon SP, a public consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo.


Procon SP told apple in October to respond to the removal of the power adapter from the iPhone box.


The agency asked apple to prove that not using the charger with the iPhone would not harm consumers, and that doing so would bring environmental benefits (Apple’s propaganda is to protect the environment). Apple’s response to Procon SP reinforces its argument that most users already have compatible chargers and that the decision can reduce carbon emissions.


However, Brazilian agents are not satisfied with the response. According to Procon SP, the power adapter is considered an essential component of the product, and selling iPhones without chargers violates Brazilian consumer regulations.


Apple has not provided enough evidence to show that removing the charger from the box will help the environment, and the company cannot guarantee that it will provide the same technical support to consumers who buy third-party chargers, the agency said. Apple must make a decision by tomorrow or the company will be fined in Brazil.


Although the decision is exclusive to the state of Sao Paulo, Brazilian national consumer officials are also considering forcing apple to sell iPhones with chargers nationwide