Will the big screen OLED be green when the iPhone 12 screen is green? Understand

Will the big screen OLED be green when the iPhone 12 screen is green? Understand-spark global limited

Every year, new mobile phones released by mobile phone brands are more or less a little “flaw”, even the iPhone is no exception. However, as far as the new phones released by the iPhone this year are concerned, there seem to be a lot of problems. This year iPhone released 4 new products, huge “fruit powder” purchases, product shipments are very eye-catching. The same 1% of users failed, because the base number is large, the response of the new iPhone is much larger than that of the general brand, and all the articles are hot searches.

  Isn’t this, because of the “slipper blue” hue on the hot searched iPhone earlier? 12. This time I like to mention the hot search again, this time because the “screen” is green. The author searched for the topic “#iphone12绿屏#” on Weibo and found that its reading volume has reached 520 million. Many bloggers have found the “green screen” problem. Some bloggers said that after reducing the white point value, it will be dark, and if it is not reduced, it will be a little green. Other bloggers said that the gvc screen is serious? Need to change? ? There are also bloggers who say that G9N, G9P, G9Q, Samsung screens are very rare. GVC, LG screen, general probability; GH, LG screen, green screen probability.

  Many netizens who bought the iPhone 12 also complained about the product on social platforms. Many consumers expect that “iPhone 12 can be returned with a green screen”; some netizens hope that the official will give a free screen replacement. Of course, there are also netizens who have turned into a detective “Conan” in response to the problem of mobile phone green screens, thinking from the source of the screen why it is green, small screen OLED will change to green screen, then will big screen OLED TV be like this?

  At present, with regard to the issue of the green screen of the iPhone 12, Apple responded that it may be a system problem and is under investigation!

  Why did Apple say “may be a system problem?” The author consulted relevant industry insiders and learned that the software method for mobile phone products to solve the green screen may be to reduce the green output for this type of model in the display driver color configuration table. Under these brightness values, reduce the green output and reduce the gamma value. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get rid of the “green screen” through the software level, but it can’t improve the gray level of the screen, it just hides the ears. It cannot fundamentally solve the insufficient color gamut of the green screen and the problem of easy visual fatigue of the viewing panel.

  Back then, a certain Huawei mobile phone had a green screen. They dealt with it very calmly. As long as the green screen was replaced, it could be replaced for free until satisfied. In the hearts of netizens, Apple’s after-sales service is the best among all mobile phone manufacturers. I don’t know what Apple will do this time.

  Consumers buy products more to experience its new features. The iPhone has always been regarded by the “fruit fans” as a true physique. The “green screen” problem on the iPhone will definitely not be solved for a while, let’s take a look at the doubts of netizens. For example, why does a small-size OLED screen turn green, and is there a chance that a large-size OLED TV will turn green?