Why don’t Lei Jun use Xiaomi Jihuang

Why don't Lei Jun use Xiaomi Jihuang

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi group, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, will give a keynote speech at the press conference.


With the press conference approaching, Lei Jun sent a number of microblogs to warm up the new products.


Some netizens found that Lei Jun did not use Xiaomi 11 pro, but still used Xiaomi 11.


In this regard, Lei Jun explained that not using Xiaomi 11 Pro is “afraid of divulging secrets”.


Lei Jun stressed that the design goal of Xiaomi 11 Pro is Android king. Xiaomi 11 Pro first continues the advantages of Xiaomi 11, and has a huge improvement in all aspects, which is absolutely strong enough.


In addition to the Xiaomi 11 pro, this conference will also release the Super Bowl Xiaomi 11 Ultra.


Lei Jun pointed out that Xiaomi began to enter the high-end mobile phone market at the beginning of last year, and launched five flagship products in a year, which were warmly welcomed by rice noodles. At present, Xiaomi has initially established itself in the high-end mobile phone market. We’ll bring you some new flagship products tonight, including the new product of Xiaomi mix, Xiaomi 11 pro, Xiaomi 11 ultra and so on. We’ll wait and see.