Why can’t you hit a fly?

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In order to get rid of natural enemies, little animals have a secret weapon: the world in their eyes is always in slow motion.

Flies have always been unwelcome; but it must be admitted that they live a miserable life.

Flying around in the garbage dump and all kinds of food all day, after two or three Mondays, his life will disappear. We will feel that their lifespan seems very short compared to the long life of human beings.

However, in the eyes of a young Irish zoologist, the situation may be the opposite. After studying more than 30 kinds of animals, he discovered that the time of small animals actually flies more slowly than large animals!

Kevin Healy is a PhD student in the Department of Zoology at the University of Dublin. His research has been carried out for two years. He noticed that people know very little about the sense of time in animals. However this is extremely important! To understand this, we might as well imagine ourselves as a fly.

Imagine that your tentacles caught a strong sweet smell, buzzing, and you immediately rushed to the source of the smell-jam. It’s delicious! You stretch out your mouthparts and prepare to take a puff. Suddenly, a shadow appeared on your head. That is a vicious human being, he wants to destroy you. He was about to use his fly swatter to launch an attack at lightning speed. But you will never let him succeed.

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