Why are there tens of thousands of digital products, and there are still many people vying to buy them?

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There was a Model Y released on January 1 this year, which caused a lot of people to panic. At present, many people are still in line. In the car group in the evaluation of Jun district, there are already two Model Y owners who have welcomed everyone’s envied eyes.

Why is it so? Why are digital and technological products suddenly becoming more expensive and still being sought after by many people? Let us analyze it.

First of all, digital products are still not expensive compared to a lot of costs, such as houses, such as education, such as travel, or bags, etc., at least digital products stand at the forefront and peak of technology, at least not There is technology.

Secondly, buying high-end digital products can easily establish a more active and powerful consumer image. The price is not low, which shows the consumer’s consumption strength, and the pursuit of technological pioneers shows that the positive attitude of consumers to love life and love technology is not exaggerated. After all, although digital flagships are expensive, they are not luxury items. They have high technical content and high R&D and production costs. They buy technology, not just a brand.

Third, it also shows that people’s vision has broadened, and many products have been unable to impress everyone. So many people are willing to spend more money to realize their dreams in order to pursue the long-lost touch. For example, when you open a folding screen mobile phone and use the big screen to watch key games, the experience is far beyond that of a traditional mobile phone.


Finally, many products have also become the main source of household income, but they have never had time and are a good choice for male users who have no export consumption. For example, many people are busy with work every day, their income is not low, but there is basically no scene to consume, so can’t you spend money? No, you can drive mid-to-high-end electric cars, use high-end mobile phones, and work and play, which is still very good.


In short, in the process of upward development of technology, there will be new products that are popular with the public every year, such as Snapdragon 888, such as Apple A14 processor, and there will also be some niche, high-end products. A hundred flowers blossom, each with its own emphasis, so there is no need to be surprised or surprised.