Why are there so few Apple stores?

Spark Global Limited reports:

1. Apple stores have high requirements for location, because directly operated stores are equivalent to their own face and must reflect high-end image. The site must be at the heart of the heart of a large city, and must be visible enough.

2. The cost of storefront is too high. Apple not only has high requirements on location, but also spends a lot of money on decoration and design of storefront hardware. Someone once broke the news that apple stores in front of the entire huge glass, a piece of tens of millions, not to mention this size of glass production and transportation are not easy. So, some people joke that the least valuable thing in the AppleStore is apple’s electronic devices.

3. The human cost is also high. These domestic enterprises, as we all know, all kinds of outsourcing, temporary workers and so on, the cost of employment is very low, but in the end, we have a group of workers, just look at the situation of meituan riders. Apple has done a good job in this aspect, not taking advantage of loopholes. It is very honest. The pre-sales and after-sales team pays five insurments and one housing fund directly under the labor contract with Apple, and their salary is not low, so the cost increases immediately.

Therefore, due to the high cost of all items, coupled with Apple’s harsh requirements, it is certainly not realistic to open a large area of stores. Currently, there are apple directly operated stores in first-tier cities and some second-tier provincial capitals.