Why are there more and more flagship equipment

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At present, many smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 865 mobile platform and using Qualcomm FastConnect 6800 have been released. Like Black Shark gaming phone 3, Vivo iQOO 3, Nubia Red Magic 5G, OPPO Find X2, real X50 Pro 5G, Vivo NEX 3S, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, ZTE Axon 10s Pro, and “Dafa” Sony Xperia 1 II and so on, have realized the full function support of Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6. As for the wireless network of your mobile phone, you need to check whether his mobile phone supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, because, with the support of Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 technology, these Snapdragon 865 flagship phones are While the performance is strong, the wireless network connection performance far exceeds other mobile phones.

If your company, dormitory, or home supports Wi-Fi 6 network, then in terms of speed, stability, and security, the performance of these Snapdragon 865 flagship phones will far exceed those that do not support the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Product mobile phone. Write at the end In recent years, with the explosive growth of data traffic and the continuous increase in the number of terminals, the subsequent network speed, complexity, security, and network congestion problems are what ordinary users urgently want to change. The sixth-generation Wi-Fi based on the 802.11ax specification is aimed at these demand points and brings users a faster, safer, and more stable wireless connection experience. Wi-Fi 6 provides higher network capacity and efficiency through excellent flexibility and scalability and further improves network bearing and coverage. You may ask since 5G networks will gradually become popular, will Wi-Fi 6 still be necessary? The answer is of course yes.

Wi-Fi and cellular network terminals have been jointly developed for five or six generations. Even now, both 5G networks and Wi-Fi have their own usage scenarios and objects. Using 5G outdoors and Wi-Fi at home is an economic choice for most people. With the development of technology, the two technologies will have a complementary and alternative relationship in different scenarios, but they will still coexist for a long time. Thanks to Qualcomm’s technology accumulation in the fields of cellular data and Wi-Fi, it is easier for Qualcomm to integrate the advantages of the two in Wi-Fi 6 technology to bring a better network connection experience. In the future, Wi-Fi 6 technology will also work with 5G to achieve real interconnection and interoperability, opening a new era.spark global limited