Whose pot is the iPhone 12 signal poor?

Whose pot is the iPhone 12 signal poor?

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After embracing Qualcomm again, Apple’s “signal” problem has not been improved.


Apple’s first 5g iPhone 12 series, which users have been waiting for more than a year, has overturned again.


Recently, many users of foreign forums and social networking sites have reported that the iPhone 12 series signal is not good. For example, a netizen with the user name of rvsjnr in Apple’s official website community reported that the signal of the iPhone 12 Pro is very poor. Compared with Android phones, it is not possible to make a call in the same place in the room. Each time you make a call, you need to walk outside the room.


A reddit user said that after leaving the room, the iPhone 12 Pro experienced zero signal, no service, no network data, and then recovered to 4G network. The user also found that the iPhone 12 automatically switches between 4G and 5g networks based on battery conditions, but the network always displays 5g signals.


Later confirmed that the iPhone 12 signal is not a case, but a common phenomenon.

There are many mobile phone users in China. In many cases, iPhone12 signals make complaints about frequent fluctuations, and even there may be no signals. Switching to flight mode and replacing SIM cards can not solve the problem. When there is no signal, you can’t even connect to WiFi. The above problems are found in the full range of iPhone 12 phones.

According to Internet users, Verizon, the U.S. carrier, pointed out that the poor signal of the iPhone 12 was Apple’s problem, while Apple’s after-sales department said that the operator needed to change its software, pointing the finger at Verizon. In response to media inquiries, apple customer service said that re inserting the SIM card, changing the operator and updating the system can avoid no signal on the phone. The poor signal of the iPhone 12 may be caused by software conflicts and intermittent problems. It is uncertain whether it is a hardware problem.

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An iPhone 12 user told geek park that the frequency of using the iPhone 12 is not high, and whether the signal has deteriorated is uncertain, but it is certain that the signal is not better than the previous generation.