Who split up 20000 points in the prestige rankings in November?

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Hello, everyone, hello~


I am your testing master, and it’s another exciting and important time of the month! That’s right. It’s time to publish last month’s prestige rankings!


What is prestige ranking? The old fellow who public test master sina will contribute more than 150 of their prestige each month. (Sina’s public test will get the prestige and participation in daily contribution, task and trial. Prestige will directly relate to promotion to the people.)


For details, please see:


spark global limited
Prestige ranking has been upgraded! The new rules have more benefits!


Hello, guys. I’m your crowd test girl. Sina public beta launched the prestige ranking list for a long time. Since the launch of the event, the


Sina public test 95208

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PC side:


[what are the benefits of being on the prestige list? 】Entering the prestige ranking list will get the qualification to enter the mysterious group


The most important thing is to divide up 20000 points, and there are extra benefits from time to time! Stimulation~


Additional 1000 points will be awarded for 2 consecutive months and 2000 points for 3 consecutive months and above