Which configuration is more important to change your phone in 2021

It is expected that many people plan to replace a new mobile phone within 2021. Although the presence of 5G is not very strong, after all, more and more 4G cards also force people to “look forward.” Moreover, 5G mobile phones are becoming more mature and cheaper nowadays. What many players are waiting for is the arrival of 5G SoC chips with 5nm technology!

With the prevalence of mobile phone performance saturation theory, people’s sensitivity and demand for mobile phone configuration are also undergoing subtle changes. Which configuration is more important to change your phone in 2021? Let me explain in detail~

01 screen: more noteworthy configuration

Today, when mobile phones are already prevalent in modularization, a mobile phone is roughly composed of a screen, a motherboard, a battery, and peripheral accessories. The screen assembly is not only directly related to the display of the mobile phone, but also related to the logic of human-computer interaction, and even affects the feel and durability of the mobile phone. Its cost is also the most expensive accessory among all the material costs of the mobile phone.

Which configuration is more important to change your phone in 2021
Samsung will return to the direct screen

A good screen, for example, the higher the resolution and refresh rate, the better the natural display effect. You can do things with money. Here we need to focus on the choice between curved and straight screens. Although the current direct screen is very popular on the Internet, it is an indisputable fact that the Android flagships are all curved screens. The micro-curved surface can improve the level of touch of the inner stroke, and the straight screen is more suitable for stocks and game players.

As for the large-curvature waterfall screen, there have been many controversies, so you need to be cautious when choosing.

02Storage: Use it well later

As time enters 2021, it seems that the frequency of people changing phones is getting lower and lower. There are data showing that the frequency of replacement of Chinese people has been extended from less than two years to the level of nearly three years. It seems that the theory of mobile phone performance saturation is by no means unfounded empty talk. Change to a better 5G mobile phone, and it won’t be changed much in the future. It may be the current thinking of many people.

The “high-end” in 2020 becomes this year’s “standard”

Therefore, if you want to live with a mobile phone, that is, to break the curse of a two-year Android phone card, in addition to a mobile phone with a larger RAM running memory, it also needs a faster ROM internal storage. According to the standard of the flagship machine in 2020, UFS3.1+LPDDR5 is basically a standard configuration. I dare not say more about this specification. It is no problem to carry it for three years.

8+128GB, UFS3.1+LPDDR5, these specifications will become the lowest standard in 2021.

03CPU: It is important but not difficult to choose

The reason why the CPU ranks third is not because it is not important, but because the current range of options is too small. Apple users can only choose A14 or A15, while the all-only Snapdragon 888 Android flagship has almost no suspense. Looking at MediaTek for the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, the absence of Huawei Kirin seems to have left the mobile phone chip deserted a lot.

Everyone is Snapdragon 888, don’t scream

Coupled with the general trend of mobile phone performance saturation, in fact, the current mobile phone chip price of 1,000 yuan is enough to meet the needs of most applications, and the antique iPhone 8 level can meet the needs of many games. Nowadays, mobile phone chips such as CPU, GPU, and 5G baseband are all integrated into SoCs. It is nothing more than those platforms. Even if there are some gaps, it is innocent to use.

Immediately a large wave of new flagships of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chips will be launched, just choose the good-looking ones!

04 Battery: Back to positive optimization

If you take an inventory of the mobile phones released in 2020, it is not difficult to find that the volume of many 5G mobile phones is slightly larger overall, and the battery capacity of many flagship 5G mobile phones is above 4500mah. It is a compromise made to ensure the endurance performance under the 5G network, which is obviously not as good as the flagship in the 4G era.

In 2021, mobile phone design will return to thin and fashionable

The Apple iPhone 12, which was the first to adopt the 5nm process A14 chip, dared to be the first to return to lightness and thinness. Although this approach has brought some sacrifices, it is seldom unmoved to see the capable and delicate body. It is believed that with the continuous maturity and wide application of 5nm technology, more and more 5G flagship mobile phones are beginning to return to thin and light, and battery life is no longer a concern.

More and more new phones are beginning to return to the thin and light route, and 2021 will be the year of slimming mobile phones.

05Worries: the homogeneity problem is more prominent

After entering 2021, changing mobile phones is no longer like studying the core parameters of CPU, GPU, and baseband as before. In fact, it is a great sadness for consumers and mobile phone manufacturers. It’s not that they are not important, but after losing Huawei, an effective competitor, if we put aside the closed Apple, then the options are actually too small.

People always jokingly call Chinese mobile phone brands an assembly plant, which is undoubtedly the most true portrayal of the lack of core technologies and patents in Chinese mobile phone brands. Not only the core chips and operating systems, but also solutions such as antennas and radio frequency, but also ready-made solutions in Bluetooth, fast charging, audio, etc., and there are fewer and fewer places to be free to play.

Chinese mobile phone brands do not lack cost performance, nor do they lack celebrity endorsements, but they are the best at these.