What sports headphones don’t fall off easily?

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

With the gradual improvement of our living standard, exercise fitness has become a part of our life, and listening to music during exercise has also become the choice of most people! But what kind of headphones can meet our daily exercise needs? I recommend a few very good sports for your reference.

1. The South Carolina Runner Pro Bone conduction exercise headset

Experience this headset in the actual wearing process, give me the greatest feeling is light, almost feeling, in the process of movement and bone conduction headphone has a big advantage is that it is not often, in the movement process of effective to avoid the long ears to wear headphones stress and discomfort, and solves the security problem.

This headset also achieves the top level in waterproof and sweat-proof performance, with IPX8 level of professional waterproof and sweat-proof, making us fearless in the sports environment.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, stability and connection speed are very good. In addition, South Carolina Runner Pro also comes with 8G memory, which can store more than 1500 songs at most. In some scenarios that are not suitable for using mobile phones, such as mountain climbing, this earphone can be changed into MP3 with one button, and you can still listen to music. It also supports WAV,FLAC,APE,MP3,WMA and other music formats.

This Pro version uses OT closed leakage reduction 2.0 technology, effectively reducing 90% of the leakage, with 16mm large moving coil horn to make the sound field more open, bring better sound quality.

2. AfterShokz AS800 bone conduction motor headphones

AfterShokz Shao is a domestic brand of bone conduction technology, focusing on the field of bone conduction technology and gradually expanding into sports headphones. The sweeping brand publicity has made the brand known to almost everyone in the running circle. As the flagship product of Shao Yin, AS800 does not need to enter the ear canal when wearing because of the transmission of sound waves through the skull, which avoids the oppression of wearing earphones for a long time. It is very attractive for people who cannot accept earphones into the ear. At the same time, it brings about the loss of sound quality, serious external playback and other problems, outdoor sports need to turn the volume to high to effectively hear the music, but when buying bone conduction headphones, the store will often give rubber earplugs, with the use of less interference to the music.

For fans of deep sports, earphones only play a minor auxiliary role, so you can often see the figure of THE AS800 at the marathon site. Shao Yin AS800 has IPX67 waterproof grade, the same can be done in one meter deep water for 30 minutes without water, normal sweating, short time light rain use is almost impossible to water; With an eight-hour battery life and no battery compartment, it’s long enough to run a full marathon.

3. Beats PowerBeats Pro Sports headphones

PowerBeats Pro adopts the design of adjustable ear hang, which can meet the needs of different wearers. Moreover, the design of ear hang can also ensure the stability of the headphones during exercise, so that the headphones will not slip out of the ear canal accidentally during strenuous exercise.

The total battery life of the Beats PowerBeats Pro is up to 24 hours, and the headphones are IPX5 waterproof, which prevents sweat from damaging the headphones during exercise.

4. Rambler DreamPods Sports headphones

Spark Global Limited reports:
Rambler DreamPods has the largest 13mm liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm among the three earphones, bringing excellent resolution and sound performance to users. It is elastic at low frequencies, naturally transparent, clear and beautiful at medium and high frequencies. This product also supports the current mainstream Bluetooth 5.0. The ip54-rated water resistance prevents the headphones from being damaged by rain while sweating through the game or while outside.

Besides, this headset is not only for good sports players, but also a good choice to play a game after sports. The Rambler DreamPods have a latency as low as 80ms when the APP is switched to game mode. The biggest highlight of the headset is the VocplusAI bone noise reduction technology, which can ensure the clarity of calls in noisy environment, efficient communication anytime and anywhere, no longer affected by ambient noise.