What else will the iPhone 6S do in 2021?

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

The iPhone 6s was technically my first iOS device. As a OnePlus user, I used to be obsessed with the Pixel Cam’s night view mode and the silly, fast OS with no local optimizations, but I also spent some time in the unfeeling camera crash.

Battery life is around 80%, use airplane mode, and turn off everything unnecessary. The daily battery life is about the same as that of an old card camera, which can barely last more than half a day if you don’t keep the camera on.

In order to let retire the array of things still can shine heat, as long as it is not into the moisture-proof box is also a kind of use, holding such an attitude and really scarce two players need, launched this year’s “aftertaste”. No social apps, no work apps, no games, and think about what else you can do without your original smartphone.

After all, who would say no to a “new phone” with no problems?


Winning on iOS is bittersweet and bittersweet

Maintaining usability and fluency today is a topic that hardly needs to be said.

From the first look at the App Store, it basically means that everything that’s fun and interesting needs a little more work. So, I also agree with the saying “the winning is in iOS”. Even though the hardware of the phone is a little old, iOS does not seem to show obvious weakness due to the old hardware, at least the normal use is guaranteed.

Assuming you’re using it as a camera, with only 64 gigabytes of memory, it quickly fills up, prompting an email frenzy. If you don’t want to renew iCloud, you’ll still have to deal with more photo storage problems, and you’ll still have to deal with the constant reminders that you’ll be using it, but the annoyance is still there. Just as with the Current Oneplus 7T, buying a 256 GIGAByte is supposed to eliminate the need for built-in photo storage every month or two, but it seems to have gone from two or three months to four or five months.

There seems to be no change to the more storage is better mantra. Anxiety is always there.

While iCloud offers almost unlimited follow-up space, a brief upgrade isn’t too expensive, but the reminder is a bit of a charge.

A spell that never changed

At other times, iOS’s troublesome features are head-scratching. Something as simple as not being able to set a wallpaper with the click of a button has repeatedly raised the question of whether the winning side is missing something. The same Cuto, different experience, is really “details and shame”.