What do Americans think of Musk

What do Americans think of Musk

Search for the keyword “Musk” in the background of CNMO articles, and you can get about 300 related news. “Musk became the world’s richest man”, “Musk’s rocket exploded”, “Musk urged everyone to support Dogecoin on Twitter” “Musk bought a mine”… Maybe one day, these reports are put together, Can be compiled into a book called “Those Things About Musk”.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers

What do Americans think of Musk

If you search for the keyword “Musk” on Baidu, you will get an even more amazing amount of information, “about 100,000,000 related results (don’t count, it’s 100 million)” search results on Baidu’s Chinese search engine , I’m afraid that no second foreign technology giant can do it, not to mention that 100 million is just an upper limit of Baidu’s display of search results. In China, the people who are at the same level as Musk’s popularity are Jack Ma and Ma Huateng.

As an entrepreneur, Musk is known as the “Silicon Valley Iron Man” and has extremely high popularity and numerous fans around the world. To describe it in one two famous saying: please, stop exuding charm. So, what does such a man who cannot describe a complete man in a few words look like in the eyes of Americans?

How did native Africans get to the United States?

Musk, 50, has his career and family in the United States, but he is not a native American. So before that, we want to talk to you about how Musk entered the land of the United States.

According to the place of birth, Musk is actually an African. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1971. His mother Mey Musk is well-known to many people. This well-known model with a legendary life and a genius son is a Canadian and British mixed descent. Musk’s father, Eero Musk, is even more mysterious. He was a British born in South Africa and worked as an electrical and mechanical engineer.

Although Musk was a veritable rich second-generation when he was a child, unlike other children, he basically never felt the complete parental and maternal love. After their parents divorced in 1979, 9-year-old Musk and his younger brother Kimball lived with their father. With mansions, yachts, private jets, and global travels, Musk has enjoyed an enviable material life by his father’s side.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers

What do Americans think of Musk
Childhood Musk

However, the plot is like novels and TV series. Musk, who should have been carefree, has a somewhat introverted or even weird character. “When many children go to big parties, drink, and talk about various sports events, he hides. Look through all kinds of books in the library.” Eero Musk said. Over time, Musk was regarded by his classmates as an alien at school, and he was often beaten up by bullies, even to the point of shock and hospitalization.

CNMO learned from the book “The Impossible: The Biography of Elon Musk” that Musk is not the best student in the class, but his interests and scores are enough to allow him to participate in computer experiment classes. There are not many students who can participate in this course. They are selected by various schools to learn programming languages ​​such as BASIC, COBOL and Pascal. Musk’s grades in this course are very good. Outside of class, Musk’s love for science fiction literature is also evident. He once said: “I want to write a work like “Lord of the Rings”.”

It has to be said that Musk’s childhood family background, school education, and his own hobbies have laid a good foundation for the career he has achieved now. In 1983, at the age of 12, Musk had become a small game developer. He sold a simple game called Blastar to a computer magazine and made $500. In Musk’s view, although this game is simple, it is more exciting than the once-popular Flappy Bird.

Musk’s “Journey to Africa” ​​ended with high school graduation. At that time, the place that Musk was longing for was Silicon Valley in the United States, but for him, because his grandparents’ hometown was in Canada, Canada became a springboard for him to go to the United States. In 1988, Musk got on the flight to Canada as soon as he got his passport, alone.

In Canada, Musk didn’t go well at the beginning, and even his relatives couldn’t get in touch. After many setbacks, he stayed at a cousin’s farm to help clean the barn and grow vegetables. Naturally, this kind of work couldn’t help Musk’s restless heart. He ran from city to city, sawing wood and cleaning boilers. Although the job of cleaning the boiler has a good salary of $18/hour, it is all dirty. According to Musk, the cleaner needed to squeeze through a narrow passage, clean up the steaming sand and residue in the boiler, and then return the same way. “If you stay in it for more than 30 minutes, you will be killed by heat.” There were 30 people in total on the first day of the trial week, and only 3 survived. Musk is one of them.

Later, Mey moved to Canada with Musk’s brother and sister. Musk went to Queen’s University in Ontario. Surprisingly, Musk was a fish in water on the university campus. Compared with high school years, Musk has become more outgoing and active, learning business knowledge, participating in public debates, and begging for dates with girls by the way. At the same time, Musk’s erudite style is also very popular. There is a group of friends who admire his knowledge around him. Everyone likes to listen to him talk about energy and space, and no one laughs at him for his whimsical thinking.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers
Musk lives in a foreign student dormitory at Queen’s University

After studying at Queen’s University for 2 years, in 1992, Musk transferred to the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship. Musk’s American dream began to flourish from this Ivy League…

What do Americans think of “this guy”?

About 30 years later, Musk is now the CEO of space exploration technology companies SpaceX and Tesla, the founder of the tunnel mining company The Boring Company, and the co-founder of the artificial intelligence non-profit organization OpenAI. Musk, with three heads and six arms, left the impression of a Silicon Valley madman. With the dense and bold remarks on Twitter, Musk has created another image for netizens.

Going back to the question mentioned at the beginning, to the Americans, what kind of “guy” is Musk?

Recently, Piplsay, a website under the global research and operation company Market Cube, conducted a survey and received 30,400 online responses in the United States. This report delves into Americans’ views on Musk and his influence on financial markets.

Overall, 70% of Americans think Musk is a genius or interesting person, and 7% of a few people think he is a “jerk”; 45% of Americans admire Musk’s enthusiasm and dedication, unexpected Yes, many people are unhappy with his arrogance. About 35% of people hate his arrogance; another thing is unexpected, 37% of Americans invested in Musk’s tweets, or at least Considered this move. Seeing this data, I don’t know what Warren Buffett thinks. It’s no wonder that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Musk is suspected of using his personal social media account influence to manipulate cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers

However, do you think that with Musk’s reputation, Americans will know him? In the “How do you feel about Musk” survey, 18% of people don’t know him, and 6% of people “hate that guy.” Musk’s image is not that bad either. Nearly one-third of Americans “like” him, and as many as 43% hold a neutral attitude.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers
How do you feel about Musk?

So, how do these people who hate Musk describe Musk? In addition to the aforementioned “jerk”, 6% of people think Musk is a “madman”, and 5% think he is a “weird”. It can be said that Musk’s personality has not changed much since he was young, and people’s views on him are often polarized. 43% of people appreciate his “dare to express one’s own opinion” and “ability to take risks”, and 46% hate his “unpredictable behavior” and “indifferent attitude.”

Musk often makes amazing comments on Twitter, which brings a lot of attention. 43% of Americans check his Twitter frequently; on the other hand, Musk can even influence the stock market by himself. Up and down, nearly half of people think this is quite funny, but 29% of people think it’s not funny at all.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers

What kind of Chinese are paying attention to Musk?

The survey also showed that 69% of men and 58% of millennials regard Musk as an idol, while 31% of women. And 41% of millennials and 35% of Gen X (people born between 1965-1980) pay close attention to Musk’s tweets, compared to 24% of Gen Z (people born between 1995-2010) .

Turning the line of sight back to China, what is it like for the Chinese who pay attention to Musk?

From the Baidu Index, nearly 43% of people searching for “Musk” are 20-29 years old, and 30-39 years old also account for about 34%. It seems that most people interested in Musk in China are young and middle-aged people. However, Musk is very active on the Internet, and his industry is mainly related to the Internet of science and technology. This part of the people’s high degree of attention is also expected.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers
Young people “love” Musk more

In terms of gender, most of the people who pay attention to Musk are still men, but the proportion of women who are nearly 26% is not low. The interesting and adventurous side of Musk’s career and character is a role model for men, but it may contain emotions of admiration and admiration for women.

The distribution of interests of people who follow Musk is also all-encompassing. The proportion of “finance and finance” and “gaming” is the highest, and the proportion of “dining food” is not low, which is quite surprising.

What do Americans think of Musk’s “this guy” and 30,000 people give answers

Let’s look at the geographical distribution again. From July 2013 to the present, the people who searched for “Musk” the most are Cantonese, and they are far ahead, followed by Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. These provinces have obvious commonalities. For example, the technology and Internet industries are relatively developed, and their economic development is also at a leading level in the country. In fact, if you compare this ranking with the domestic GDP rankings of the past two years, you will find that the two overlap highly. In addition, in terms of cities, these characteristics have basically continued. The people who “care” Musk the most are from Beijing. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, which rank among the top domestic cities, also have a lot of Musk’s followers.

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