What can Apple’s self-developed computer chip M1 do? Run iOS apps directly

What can Apple's self-developed computer chip M1 do? Run iOS apps directly-spark global limited

 Sina Technology News reported in the early morning of November 11 that Apple held its third event this fall. There is no doubt that the protagonist of this event is the self-developed computer chip that Apple announced at the WWDC Developer Conference. After more than 4 months, the Mac equipped with this Apple self-developed chip finally came to us.

Apple self-developed computer chip M1

  Apple introduced the first self-developed computer chip M1 can do? First of all, the speed of launching the application is almost instantaneous, especially Apple’s own Safari browser, running JavaScript speed increased by 1.5 times, response speed increased by 1.9 times.

  Apple has also balanced performance and battery life, added a hardware-level secure boot, and cooperated with macOS to provide real-time protection. Apple demonstrated the operation of professional software such as Final Cut Pro. According to Apple, the running speed of Final Cut Pro can be increased by up to 6 times. Photoshop will be launched early next year.

  In addition, general-purpose applications are compatible with Apple’s self-developed chips and Intel’s local binary version. The two are combined into one and can be downloaded from the App Store or online. It is worth mentioning that Mac products equipped with Apple’s self-developed computer chip can directly run iOS programs.