What are the popular and useful open source frameworks for artificial intelligence?

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What are the popular and useful open source frameworks for artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is the hottest technical term nowadays, and its technological maturity has reached a very mature level. Learning and using the third-party framework of artificial intelligence is the foundation and core of artificial intelligence development.

One, Google TensorFlow

TensorFlow is the second-generation artificial intelligence learning system developed by Google based on DistBelief. Its name comes from its own operating principle. Tensor (tensor) means N-dimensional array, Flow (flow) means calculation based on data flow graph, TensorFlow is the calculation process of tensor flowing from one end of the flow graph to the other end. TensorFlow is a system that transmits complex data structures to artificial intelligence neural networks for analysis and processing. TensorFlow can be used in multiple machine deep learning fields such as speech recognition or image recognition. The deep learning infrastructure DistBelief developed in 2011 has been improved in various aspects. It can be as small as a smart phone and as large as thousands of units. Data center servers run on various devices.

Two, facebook Torch 

Torch is a widely supported framework for scientific computing machine learning algorithm. Easy to use and efficient, mainly due to a simple and fast scripting language LuaJIT, and a summary of the core features of the underlying C/CUDA implementation:

A powerful n-dimensional array

Many routines that implement indexing, slicing, and transposing

Amazing C interface through LuaJIT

Linear Algebra Routines

Neural network and energy-based model