Vice Minister of industry and information technology

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Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the 2021 (20th) China Internet Conference, at which he introduced China’s current achievements in 5g construction.

It is said that in the first half of this year, domestic mobile phone shipments have exceeded 174 million, with a year-on-year growth of 13.7%. Among them, the number of 5g mobile phones was 128 million, with a year-on-year growth of 100.9%. In addition, 5g mobile phones accounted for 77.1% of all mobile phones shipped in June this year, and this proportion is expected to increase further in the second half of this year.

In addition, the China Academy of information technology also released the June data of China’s mobile phone market today.

China’s mobile phone shipment in June was 25.664 million units, down 10.4% year on year and up 11.7% month on month. In the first half of the year, the total shipment volume of mobile phones in the domestic market was 174 million, up 13.7% year on year; Among them, the shipment volume of 5g mobile phones was 128 million, with a year-on-year growth of 100.9%, accounting for 73.4% of the same period.

Liu Liehong also revealed that the scale of China’s Internet users is close to 1 billion, the network penetration ratio is over 70%, the transformation of IPv6 facilities is comprehensively promoted, the user flow is growing steadily, the industrial strength is rapidly improving, and 11 Internet enterprises have entered the top 30 in the global market value.

In addition, China’s domestic smart phone performance has achieved catch-up, 5g various applications, 5g technology terminal equipment to speed up commercial.