“Unbearable to watch China surpass the United States!” Pentagon senior officials resigned in anger

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The British “Financial Times” published an article on the 10th entitled “The former Pentagon software executive said that the United States has lost to China in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).” Official Nicolas Chaillan (Nicolas Chaillan) said that he resigned to protest the slow pace of the US military’s technological transformation, and because he could not bear to watch China surpass the United States.

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Xia Lan left the Pentagon a week ago. In his first interview after leaving office, he told the Financial Times that the United States’ failure to respond to the so-called “cyber and other threats” brought by China is putting his children’s future in In danger. He also claimed, “In 15 to 20 years, we have no chance to compete with China. Now, this is a foregone conclusion; in my opinion, everything is over, and we have good reasons to be angry.”

Xia Lan, 37, spent three years strengthening cyber security at the Pentagon and serving as the first chief software officer of the US Air Force. He said that due to China’s advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and network capabilities, China is moving towards global dominance. He believes that the importance of these emerging technologies to the future of the United States is far more important than hardware such as the F-35 and other expensive fifth-generation fighter jets.