Unagi’s $2,440 smart scooter includes turning directions and GPS tracking

Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Unagi Scooter revealed that it claims this is the first smart scooter around the model 11. It contains a range of interesting features such as voice navigation, long-range kill and advanced driver Assistance System (ADAS) sensors.

Using the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can play your own music or podcasts and hear directions to turn to help you get to your destination. Unagi has worked with Google to bring navigation to its iOS and Android apps. After you select your destination and put your phone away, you’ll hear directions through the audio system and see directions on the display.
In the secure terminal, there is a motion sensor alert to deter potential thieves, as well as GPS tracking. You can remotely kill a stolen motorcycle with an app.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Model 11 is a high-end version of the ADAS sensor. Unaji says the scooter can distinguish between people, stop signs, traffic lights, cars and other objects. It alerts you to potential collisions via an audio system and a touchscreen display.
Unagi hired industrial designer Yves Behar to help design the Model Eleven, which the company says is the lightest fully suspended scooter on the market, in part because of its use of long carbon fiber. The foldable scooter uses Unagi’s existing dual motor system, replaceable battery system and what the company claims are puncture proof tires that you can easily replace as needed.

The standard Model 11 costs $2,440. For ASAS models, you’ll pay $2,860. Unagi initially offered pre-orders through an Indiegogo campaign, but with companies like Best Buy now selling the company’s motorcycles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Model 11s on retailers’ shelves in the future.