Two AirPods Pro cases

Two AirPods Pro cases

Two AirPods Pro cases
Apple’s AirPods Pro has been on the market for some time now, but its sales have doubled thanks to the success of the previous two AirPods series, which made more people want to try them out, and many luxury goods makers are also targeting the product. But rather than follow suit with headphone products like AirPods Pro, they’re going to make some case to protect the AirPods Pro.


Gucci Beige

The Gucci brand is a big boss in the luxury industry. Its products are famous for the high-end sense design, which is favored by the people who love luxury goods. They recently gave AirPods Pro users a whole new option when they introduced two leather cases that protect the wireless Bluetooth headset. The first product, Gucci Beige, has a suitcase design and is officially priced at $1,100, or about 7,200 yuan, which is enough to buy several AirPods Pro. The second, GG Marmont, is a black leather model with a low-key design and an official price of $460, which isn’t cheap either.

GG Marmont

In fact, luxury goods are sold on the basis of design and brand premium. It is speculated that the materials used for the protective shells of Gucci’s two AirPods Pro models are not very different from those used for some similar products on the market. The difference is that they are designed and manufactured by luxury brands. Many netizens have commented that they don’t understand the world of tuhao because they can already afford new AirPods Pro headphones.

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