Twitter pushes ad-suite offering in India to attract brands

Twitter pushes ad-suite offering

Brands across sectors such as automotive, OEM, OTT and BFSI are taking to Twitter to drive their messaging home


Twitter has increasingly become the predominant source of news, current affairs, and social discussions, and these trends are often reflective of the user’s collective thought bubble. Marketers in India are often keen to utilize this engagement to increase the reach of their brands. With 18.9 million (as per Statista) active users, the American microblogging and social networking service are focusing on products that push marketers to use the platform for new launches and elevate their connection with customers. Brands across sectors such as automotive, OEM, OTT, and the banking, financial services, and insurance are taking to Twitter to drive their messaging home. The platform has just launched a creative suite of services to assist brands in creating and optimizing Twitter-first content especially for the Indian market and is working with brands to build customized solutions for them.


Hyundai India (@HyundaiIndia) for instance recently ran a successful launch campaign for the new TUCSON on Twitter. Samsung India too optimized a number of Twitter’s products for the launch of GalaxyNote20 to gather an audience for the virtual Galaxy Unpacked event. On the other hand, Uber India’s WithinHerReach campaign used the platform to run a connected campaign. Other brands like HDFC, Netflix India, and many others are also using the microblogging platform to increase the reach and access in the country. New players in the edtech and fintech sectors are also amping up their Twitter strategies. The platform has a strong focus on tools to enhance user experience and return on investment for brands. “Twitter connects marketers with the most valuable audiences when they’re most receptive. The services’ leaned-in audiences are especially valuable to advertisers because they come to Twitter in a discovery mindset and are always on the lookout for new conversations and content. In addition, given the real-time and conversational nature of the service, audiences actively engage with brands, making Twitter an effective medium to gauge consumer sentiment and feedback. The ad products offered by Twitter are flexible and customizable and make these experiences highly personalized. They can easily be optimized to the brand’s purpose and message,” said Neha Sharma, Business Head – West, and South, Twitter India.


Explaining the tools that the platform offers, Sharma mentioned properties such as Spotlight and Promoted Trend that allow brands to scale their reach by capturing the most premium, visibly impactful spots on Twitter’s real estate. “Conversational formats such as Polls and Conversation Cards let brands have direct, one-on-one conversations with their consumers. Then there is Twitter’s Live solution which enables brands to make their launch events stand out amid the plethora of content available on the service,” she added. Talking of returns, Sharma said, “In Q3 2020, the rebuilding of our First View ad format resulted in an average of 30-40% more impressions per advertiser.” “In addition to Twitter’s leaned-in audience, our extensive suite of ad products play a critical role in delivering impact for every brand’s campaign. Whether a brand wants to connect with their audience over a moment or launch a new product or service, we offer specifically suited products to align with the brand’s goals,” Sharma added. spark global limited