TSMC’s EUV process is perfect

still uses FinFET transistors.

The new cool products are free to try for the first time, and there are many high-quality experts sharing unique life experiences. At the ISSCC 2021 International Solid State Circuit Conference, TSMC Co-CEO Liu Deyin announced the company’s latest process progress, pointing out that the 3nm process exceeded expectations , The progress will be advanced.

TSMC's EUV process is perfect

However, Liu Deyin did not announce how advanced the 3nm process is. According to the information they announced, the 3nm process will be trial-produced in the second half of this year and will be officially mass-produced in 2022.

Unlike Samsung’s aggressive choice of GAA surround gate transistor process at the 3nm node, TSMC’s first-generation 3nm process is more conservative and still uses FinFET transistors.

Compared with the 5nm process, the transistor density of TSMC’s 3nm process is increased by 70%, the speed is increased by 11%, or the power consumption is reduced by 27%.

still uses FinFET transistors.
Regardless of whether it is 5nm or 3nm process, or even the future 2nm process, TSMC stated that EUV lithography machine is becoming more and more important, but productivity is still a problem for EUV lithography, and energy consumption is also high.

Liu Deyin mentioned that TSMC has achieved a breakthrough in EUV light source technology, with a power of up to 350W, which can not only support the 5nm process, but can even be used for the 1nm process in the future.

According to the roadmap proposed by TSMC, they believe that the semiconductor process will continue to abide by Moore’s Law, upgrading a generation of new processes in 2 years, and there will be a major technological upgrade in 10 years.

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