TSMC Q3 will give priority to supply

Huawei P50 series released on July 29

Apple has traditionally chosen to launch its iPhone in September.

But the iPhone 12 series was delayed until October due to the epidemic last year. As for this year’s iPhone 13 series, the latest news shows that the series will be released in the third week of September. Although the chip supply in various industries is not ideal this year, the news said Apple will still release the new machine as scheduled.

Apple has already obtained priority supply rights for A15 chip orders in the third quarter of 2021 at TSMC, according to the latest news. Apple is trying to release the iPhone 13 series as scheduled in September, in the case of chip shortages.

In addition to TSMC, apple suppliers Genesys logic and parade technologies are also stepping up their supply to meet Apple’s orders in the third quarter, which are said to be 30-40 percent higher than the level in the second quarter.

It is understood that TSMC has received a large number of orders for A15 chips in the near future, and has launched the production plan of A15 chips in an all-round way. The chip will be built by n5p process, that is, the second generation 5nm process. It is expected that the performance of the chip will be improved by 20% and the efficiency by 30% compared with the previous generation of A14 chips.

In addition to the performance of the phone, the iPhone 13 series is expected to upgrade in terms of screen share, screen refresh rate, mobile image and so on.

According to the news, two low-level versions of the iPhone 13 series also ushered in a new camera scheme. Although dual cameras are still equipped, they are different from the vertical double camera arrangement, and have been changed into diagonal arrangement. It is difficult to judge who is more beautiful in both designs, and different people have different opinions.