TSMC has started installing 3nm chip manufacturing equipment

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

According to BusinesssKorea, Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing (TSMC) has pulled ahead of Samsung electronics by starting to install 3nm process chip manufacturing equipment. Installation of the new equipment took place at TSMC’s Fab 18 plant in southern Taiwan, China. TSMC plans to begin trial production of 3nm chips this year and mass production in 2022.

IT Home has learned that TSMC’s most advanced process is the 5nm N5P process, which was previously reported to be used in Apple’s A15 Bionic chip for the next iPhone 13/Pro model. TSMC’s next-generation 3nm process is expected to reduce the size of chips to 70 percent of those at 5nm, while reducing power consumption. In the future, Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and other companies are expected to seek TSMC for its contract manufacturing of 3nm chips.

TSMC is currently increasing the proportion of 5nm production. The company previously said 5nm products, which make up 18 percent of its sales, rose 4 percent in the second quarter. At present, the production of chips in the 7nm and below process accounts for 49% of TSMC’s total production capacity.

In addition, TSMC is working on the 2nm process, which is expected to go into mass production by 2024. For Intel’s part, the company’s roadmap shows that its 18A process, which is a 1.8nm process, is expected to begin production after 2025.