TSMC again denied that it would hand over confidential chip data to the US: it would not harm the interests of customers and shareholders

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

The U.S. Commerce Department issued a tough call in late September, demanding that the world’s largest chip companies hand over confidential data to understand the causes of tight capacity and shortages. Non-us semiconductor giants such as TSMC and Samsung are under pressure, with TSMC in particular attracting attention after it said it would cooperate with the data submission.

It is unclear how much data TSMC submitted, and several media reports have raised concerns among customers that the company’s data may contain confidential information. In a recent interview, Fang Shuhua, vice general manager of legal affairs and chief legal officer of TSMC, said that customers are one of the elements of TSMC’s success, and TSMC will not leak sensitive information, especially confidential information of customers. Please don’t worry about shareholders and customers.

The initial denials did not help, however, as TSMC reiterated its long-standing commitment to working with and supporting all stakeholders to overcome global semiconductor supply challenges. However, TSMC does not and will not provide confidential data. As the company’s legal director said recently, “TSMC will not provide confidential data, nor will it do anything to harm the interests of its customers and shareholders.

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