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Google Patented Selfie Ring-spark global limited

April 13-May 7 at 16:00 (Submissions at 16:00 on May 7 will not be included in the awards)




All portrait photography is fine, and the equipment is not limited, but it must be original shooting. It can be a self-portrait or another person. Please be careful not to infringe on the portrait rights of others.


Activity steps:


In addition to the rewards in the station, the original Weibo with #人像写真大赛# will send 8 yuan 8 good morning red envelopes from time to time.


Activity Award:


So the most critical question is, what can I get from the “Portrait Photo Contest”?


1. Each partner who participated in the submission and passed the review will receive 20 points as a reward


2. The official will select the best shot TOP3, and will give away the touch screen version of Xiaoai speaker, Tuoniu smart trash can and Dongling handheld garment ironing machine.


3. Like the highest TOP1 user’s work, and give away iQiyi TV fruit (multiple works are tied for only one.) (part of the prize or the public test machine)

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