To release new win10x operating system for arm platform

To release new win10x operating system for arm platform

As early as last September, Microsoft demonstrated the windows 10x system based on the dual screen Intel platform surface Neo. But as development advances, things change.


According to Microsoft, win10x will be first applied to single screen devices in 2021, and after research, it will not open support for the Win32 program.


According to the intelligence from WL, win10x will sign the official RTM version in the next one to two weeks. Although it initially faces the X86 platform optimization represented by Intel, it will actually support arm.

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Specifically, windows 10x does not rely on any particular architecture, and OEMs can now use the modular operating system on ARM chipset PCs, such as Qualcomm snapdragon or Samsung exynos.


It is reported that windows 10x separates the core operating system from other operating systems and optimizes it to run on hardware with low-power CPU. Windows 10x on Intel and arm hardware will support PWAs, uwps and Microsoft Store applications.


In addition, users can stream desktop applications using cloud PC technology.


I don’t know if win10x for arm will be able to compete with M1 processor + MacOS in terms of experience.