This year’s iPhone may be a minor upgrade

This year’s iPhone may be a minor upgrade

Soon after the official launch of the iPhone 12 series, the consumer market spread the idea: Don’t worry, Apple’s iPhone 13 is the “really fragrant” model. Moreover, Wang Shouyi also said “Thirteen Incense”. Obviously, this view is more or less ridiculous, but many of them include some people’s expectations for the iPhone13 series.

And just as some people are looking forward to the arrival of the iPhone 13, a new message has appeared in the industry: after the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series, Apple will not give up the iPhone with the “s” suffix. Therefore, the mobile phone that Apple will release this year is not the iPhone 13, but it is probably the slightly upgraded iPhone 12s.

In this regard, I personally think that there is greater credibility.

This year’s iPhone may be a minor upgrade

On the one hand, considering “cultural” factors, European and American users tend to avoid the number 13. The sales market of Apple mobile phones is on a global scale, so avoiding “13” should be a more likely thing.

On the other hand, from iPhone11 to iPhone12, the changes in design, performance configuration, and functions are relatively large. If Apple releases the iPhone 13 this year, it means that the new machine will have to be greatly changed compared to the iPhone 12.

But this is impossible. After all, iPhone12 supports 5G network, and the appearance adjustment has been a big change. To what extent can iPhone13 “change”? Therefore, this year’s Apple iPhone is likely to be a minor upgrade and named iPhone12s. Then, this will directly affect the user’s choice.

As mentioned above, after the release of the iPhone 12 series, many people did not “see it” at all. They were all waiting for the iPhone 13. However, the probability of Apple releasing iPhone 13 this year is very small, and the probability of releasing iPhone 12s is very high. Under such circumstances, maybe people who “cannot buy” iPhone13 will recognize iPhone12s?

Not necessarily.

First of all, it can be basically seen from the naming method that the iPhone 12s will not change significantly in terms of performance configuration, appearance, etc., but the possibility of price increases is not ruled out.

Secondly, I originally thought that the iPhone 13 could cancel the bang design, but because the iPhone 12s is a minor upgrade, it can only be said that the bang area is expected to be reduced, and the chance of complete cancellation is small. In other words, iPhone12s will still have bangs.

There is no doubt that the above two reasons will affect some people and even affect their choice of opportunity.

Since iPhone12s may not necessarily be chosen, the possibility of considering iPhone12 series and iPhone11 series may be larger. Furthermore, if the iPhone 12s upgrade is not large and the price rises, some people who previously expected the iPhone 13 will choose a suitable one from the iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series models.

For example, iPhone11 Pro Max. This phone is equipped with Apple’s A13 bionic chip, a 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR display, 2688×1242 pixel resolution, 458ppi.

As for the camera, the rear 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto triple-camera supports 2x optical zoom and 4x optical zoom range; the front 12-megapixel original deep-sensing camera.

In terms of battery life, as the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the top model in the iPhone 11 series, its battery capacity is large and the battery life is in line with expectations. According to Apple’s official data, the machine’s battery supports video playback up to 20 hours and audio playback up to 80 hours. According to actual measurement, the battery life of this phone is also outstanding.

For another example, iPhone12. This is the model released by Apple in 2020. I personally think that supporting 5G network is its biggest highlight, and it is equipped with A14 bionic chip and uses a 6.1-inch screen. In terms of taking pictures, the front-mounted 12-megapixel original deep-sensing camera; the rear is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle dual camera. In addition, in terms of battery life, foreign institutions have tested that it can last up to 8 hours, which is no problem for daily use.

Furthermore, compared to iPhone11 Pro Max, I think some people may have a greater chance of switching to iPhone12. There are two reasons: one is the stimulation of iPhone12 series price reduction after the release of iPhone12s; the other is that iPhone12 supports 5G, which is also the future development trend.

Summary: Next, once it is confirmed that Apple will release iPhone12s this year, it will inevitably directly affect users’ choices. The iPhone11 series and iPhone12 series will become “big winners”, especially the iPhone12 series.