There is no distraction

There is no distraction

As an effective method that can artificially replace autonomous ventilation, the ventilator has been widely used in clinical departments. It can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, and is vital to saving and prolonging the lives of patients. During the new crown epidemic, countries have listed ventilators as reserve resources.

In April 2021, the Coman ventilator V3 came into being.

There is no distraction
In-depth clinical, gathering expert wisdom

Prior to the establishment of the project, the R&D team had conducted basic research on special ventilators for newborns and multifunctional high-end ventilators, which laid the scientific foundation for the birth of the V3 project.

“Everything is centered on the end user” is not empty talk. The V3 team visited Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Sichuan University, Chongqing University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and other universities and ICUs in many hospitals. It gathered the wisdom of dozens of clinical experts in the field of respiratory therapy and formed a R&D team of more than 100 people. .

ICU is an important and special department in the hospital. ICU patients often need special care and treatment. As a common device in ICU, the ventilator must be as low-noise as possible and occupy as little space as possible. At the same time, because domestic hospitals generally have the problem of shortage of ICU resources, the equipment in the ICU should be as easy to use, easy to use, flexible and convenient as possible to save the time of medical staff.

The transfer of ICU patients inside and outside the hospital is very common, and traditional ventilators are often bulky and inconvenient during transfer, and are easily limited by the size of the machine and the size of the oxygen cylinder. At the same time, the small battery capacity and the inaccurate battery level display will also bring certain troubles to the evaluation of the transfer. Vibration, bumps and other problems that cannot be avoided during transportation also place higher requirements on the immunity and stability of the ventilator.

Easy to use and stable, freely applicable in multiple scenarios

The V3 ventilator is positioned in multiple scenarios such as bedside ventilation, hospital transfer, offline rehabilitation, and so on. In the design, we pay attention to light weight and flexibility, so we adopt electric and electronic control turbine technology. Because the turbine not only generates a certain amount of vibration and noise when it is in operation, but also a certain amount of heat. How to comprehensively consider noise reduction, vibration reduction, heat dissipation, light weight, and stability from material selection and structural design? The V3 team cleverly used medical noise reduction cotton, which is soft, light in weight, and has good noise reduction effects. It can not only reduce noise, but also slow down the collision caused by turbine vibration. At the same time, a special heat conduction rod is added to ensure the stable operation of the heart of the machine.

In addition, the electric and electronically controlled turbine technology does not need to rely on a high-pressure air source, and can directly use indoor air. The weight is less than 10kg. There is also an easy-to-remove trolley, which can cope with various work scenarios such as bedside ventilation and hospital transportation.

The V3 smart battery can not only ensure that the ventilator has a stronger battery life, but also can accurately display the percentage of remaining power, which is convenient for medical staff to accurately evaluate the power during transfer and ensure the transfer. There are a variety of compatible methods for oxygen cylinders on the trolley, allowing users to independently select oxygen cylinders of different capacities according to the transfer requirements

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