Theragun Mini Fascial Gun experience evaluation

Theragun Mini Fascial Gun experience evaluation

Theragun Mini Fascial Gun experience evaluation

In order to have a good performance at the end of the year began to work overtime. But our bodies don’t want to match our desire to make money, and from time to time we’re reminded of the need for a break by aching neck and lower back.

Since the body is the capital of the revolution, we naturally have to treat it a little better. Today’s Theragun Mini Fascia gun is a small but powerful muscle relaxing massager.

In fact, since 2018, there have been more fascia gun products on the market. As a digital lover who likes to try new things, After experiencing several products, I have also summarized some points to pay attention to when buying a fascia gun. Here is a rose to illustrate:

As you can see from the figure above, some of the things I care about when shopping for a fascia gun are amplitude torque, grip feel, mute performance, level of appearance, and endurance, in order of specific gravity. In other words, the fascia gun products that can be made with these conveniences are basically good products that can be safely purchased. Below, we will look from these aspects, Theragun Mini performance in the end how.

Appearance Horizontal appearanceBefore we introduce the appearance, let’s start with a simple unpacking. The Packaging of Theragun Mini is very simple. In addition to the body of the fascia gun, there are also a storage bag, charger, medium massage head and instructions.

Different from our common gun or hair dryer fascia gun, Theragun Mini is very novel in appearance and uses triangular appearance design. And I like this design very much, because every time I bring the fascia gun into the company for use, the fascia gun in the shape of a gun will always attract the eyes of other colleagues. In other words, the fascia gun in the shape of a gun will always feel a little silly to be taken out and used in the office. And since the use of the Theragun Mini, no one will pay special attention to what I hold in my hand, but will think it is a cute shape gadget. I like that very much.

Anyone who likes street photography has had the experience that when you take a picture on the street with your mobile phone, no one will pay attention to you, while when you take a picture with a professional SLR gun, someone will stare at you. That’s the reason. This is the most pleasing aspect of the Theragun Mini fascia gun.

In addition, the Whole Theragun Mini is wrapped with skin-like material, which guarantees the anti-skid effect and feels very comfortable. The switch and gear buttons are integrated on the side of the machine, which can be controlled by long press and short press. It is also very convenient to long press the switch and short press to adjust the speed.

Grip handle

Another advantage of the design of the triangle is its handgrip. Compared with the ordinary gun shape, the design of Theragun Mini is more suitable for a person to operate with one hand and can change various positions to massage various parts of the body. After several days of use, my family members also told me that the gun shaped fascia gun I took home before was not easy to hold when massaging.They always felt that they needed someone to massage them. While Theragun Mini is handy to use, no matter where the massage can always find a comfortable holding position.

Small size is also the key to improving the handle. At 152mm and about the size of an iPhone 11, it fits easily in a woman’s handbag or a man’s briefcase and can be carried anywhere at any time. A weight of 0.68kg doesn’t add much weight to your backpack, either.

Amplitude of the torque
Amplitude and torque are the soul of a fascia gun. The idea of a fascial gun, as we all know, is to massage the body’s fascial layer with high frequency and powerful vibrations to relax the stiff muscles and remove lactic acid, thus solving the problem of muscle pain and stiffness. The real effect of relaxation depends on amplitude and torque.

If the amplitude isn’t big enough. If the fascial gun vibrates hard, it will not reach the deep muscles, and the effect will not be obvious. Compared with the conventional 8mm amplitude on the market, Theragun Mini’s amplitude reaches 12mm, which can be easily massaged into deep muscles. In practice, as long as a little force will feel the part of the massage is very sore, this is the performance of the effect. The fascial gun I used before seemed to have no noticeable effect except for the numbness of the body shaking.

Torque brings more power. For example, when looking for a master for massage, the master with strong hands is always very popular. This is the same reason. Although small in size, Theragun Mini has a strong thrust of up to 9KG, and can be easily opened for deep fascia adhesion.

The power of light is not enough, speed change is also a very core function. The Theragun Mini has a three-speed configuration with 1750 RPM for muscle wake-up, 2100 RPM for fascia relaxation, and 2400 RPM for deep massage. When we’re relaxing in the office on a regular basis, it’s enough to choose the lowest gear, but if you’re feeling sore after a strenuous workout, you need two higher gears.

Amplitude and torque are important indicators to evaluate whether a fascia gun is qualified. From the practical experience, Theragun Mini really achieves a small figure and large energy.

Mute performance
As I said, I like to bring fascia guns into the office for daily relaxation. So quiet performance is very important to me, after all, the noise too much affect colleagues work is not good. Theragun Mini equipped with its own new QuietForce silent brushless motor, compared to the brush motor, quiet effect enhancement is very obvious.

Of course, just because silence works well doesn’t mean there’s no sound. After all, the noise from repeated vibrations cannot be eliminated. After actual testing, Theragun Mini working noise in 54 dB, green area, will not have too much impact on the surrounding welcome, and it looks the same, very little aggression.

Battery life
Battery life is also something I care about. It’s not a good feeling to have to charge when you’re using it. Theragun Mini built-in 2000mAh large capacity lithium battery, according to the official introduction of the battery life can reach 150 minutes, according to the daily use of 10 minutes to calculate, can use 15 times, half a month a charge, performance is good.

The overview diagram

Through today’s evaluation, I believe that we have a clear understanding of the performance of the fascia gun with the Theragun Mini. For more professional users, if not satisfied with the Theragun Mini standard with this medium size massage ball, you can also choose more accessories for different functions for use.

And if you think Theragun Mini is suitable for portable use, but also need a more professional, better performance of the fascia gun, Theragun is the world’s first production of fascia gun brand, endorsed by The Clipper’s Paul George, in the professional or very reliable, there are many models to choose from brand.

That’s it for today’s test, but if you’re interested in the Theragun Mini, you might as well place an order and try it out. Or that sentence, the body is the capital of the revolution, better relax the body, to better work, come on.