Then come a big mouse pad

Then come a big mouse pad

Then come a big mouse pad
With the change of social productivity, desktop office has become one of the main scenes of modern office. A comfortable desk creates a comfortable work experience and a great mood. Of course, the simple paper and pen on the desktop from childhood has evolved into a computer keyboard and mouse.

Of course, my desktop will be placed lamp, speakers, a variety of decorative ornaments, glow tube clock and other items. However, after a long time of use, it is easy to wear the table. Moreover, the desktop panel is relatively cold, so I prefer to lay a big mouse pad to improve the experience of daily use.

In the past, our traditional mouse pad is only defined as a small square pad used by the mouse, which is further subdivided, there are knitted fabrics, PU fabrics, hard plastic, metal and so on. Over time, a larger version of the mouse pad appeared where the keyboard could also be placed and used with the mouse. Even at present, you can also customize the entire table as a large mouse pad on a treasure cushion, increase the use of the desktop warmth.

Today, I would like to recommend to you a very cow approved, very textured leather mouse pad, this is a boss friend of mine own customized mouse pad DIY. Why did he criticize this mouse pad? Because he did a lot of market research and optimized the material, size, hemming and fabric. Then also very carefully made a leather band, take out to do a gift to the boys like to play the game are very face of a gift.

Next to share I use a course of mouse pads, and first of all, I was in a new home to buy a normal lift table, size is about 1400 * 700 mm, the color of choice is a walnut, because be density board, more easily scratched on the surface, in order to protect the table, I started to buy a medium-sized mouse pad, log color primary coverage is the keyboard and mouse area, this area is relatively small, and then choose the mouse pad is cork material, beginning with feel is very good, but use after period of time, easy dirty, clear is bad also.

Then come a big mouse pad
Then I will customize a full-size desktop black mouse pad used as a table mat, but this mat is only looks is very good-looking, it is not comfortable to use, the first is no overlock, edge is easy to become warped, moreover is the surface using a computer mouse is not smooth, always feel the mouse blunt blunt to use.

Now, with this “satin” mouse pad, the size is 1000*500mm, the length of the word is still able to cover the mouse and keyboard, the width of the word, if and desk level, then the rest of the 200mm place, just to place the monitor. The advantage of the monitor not pressing the mouse pad is that it will not leave a deep indentation on the cushion, and it is easy to move at any time.

This mouse pad has a lock edge, which can ensure that the edge will not be warped in the process of long-term use. The leather fabric feels soft like a baby’s skin. If you feel dirty, you can wipe the surface with a rag to remove the stain. I believe that after the epidemic period, we have a lot of alcohol, it is recommended not to use alcohol often wipe the surface, because alcohol as a solvent, it is easy to corrode and oxidize the surface of the leather. The best way is to do regular cleaning of wet rag.

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