The world’s first WiFi 6 USB wireless card released: speed over gigabit

Spark Global Limited 報道:

Spark Global Limited reports:

D-link today officially launched the world’s first wi-fi 6 USB wireless card, the “dwa-x1850,” with a maximum rate of 574Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1200Mbps at 5GHz, with a USB 3.2 Gen1×1 (or USB 3.0) interface.

The DWA-X1850 has two built-in antennas that support 2×2 MU-MIMO. The connection of the device is very convenient, it has a built-in driver, in Win10 system after insertion can be directly used. The price of wi-fi chips, which are used in terminals, has risen to around $17 in the third quarter, five times last year’s $3.50 price.


And the delivery time of some chips has stretched to more than a year, and the supply is quite limited. Xiaolei individual expects, the price of this product will not be particularly cheap, the quantity of goods may not be particularly sufficient, USB wireless network card needs of small partners, might as well buy early to enjoy.

If you’re looking to add wi-fi to your old laptop, another option is to install an Intel-powered Mini PCIe built-in wireless card module. On JD platform, the price of Intel AX200 chip module is about 150 yuan, and that of Intel AX210 chip module is about 200 yuan. It can save a USB 3.0 port compared to THE D-Link’S WA-X1850.

When consumers buy laptops, they usually have the need to move them around and sometimes pack them into backpacks. Dwa-x1850 has a certain length, when the laptop is put into the bag, most of the wireless card should be removed, which is not convenient to use. If the DWA-X1850 and the built-in wireless card chip price is similar, Ray recommends using the built-in wireless card.

D-link is a brand of Taiwan Youxin Technology co., LTD. Founded in 1986, d-Link manufactures wireless network and Ethernet hardware equipment. Specifically, it manufactures switches, wireless aps, enterprise routing, and fiber transceivers, with a focus on the enterprise market. It has a good accumulation of technology in this field, there is a USB wireless card needs of small partners, you can consider this product.