The true “light of Andrew”

The true "light of Andrew"

Xu Qi, vice president of realme, President of China and President of global marketing, announced yesterday that realme’s Q3 series will be launched, which is known as a new generation of 1000 yuan machine king with unmatched performance at the same price.


Today, Xu Qi released a moving picture, which shows that the mobile phone slogan of “dare to leap” is shining, with the following words:


How to make your mobile phone different at night? see you next week.



At the same time, digital blogger @ digital chat station revealed that the machine will be equipped with fluorescent logo, which is really “Android 3.0”.



It home learned that digital blogger @ digital chat station had previously revealed that realme will have a new machine equipped with Tianji 1100, and the price is brutal.


According to Xu Qi, more information about the realme Q3 series will be revealed next week, or it may be directly released next week. We will wait and see.

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