The successful rise of Chinese chip giants

The successful rise of Chinese chip giants
For the domestic chip industry, every Chinese has an obsession in mind, that is to hope that domestic chips can grow up as soon as possible and get rid of dependence on foreign countries. After the domestic chip incident, all people in China have to pay more attention to the domestic chip industry. At the same time, they have to understand that the domestic chip industry has a long way to go.

The successful rise of Chinese chip giants
In fact, there are many excellent chip companies in China, which are not inferior to the top foreign giants in design. The only deficiency lies in the field of chip manufacturing. Huawei Hisilicon is the best example. The Kirin series chips designed by Huawei Hisilicon are the world’s leading mobile processors, which can compete with Qualcomm and apple.
The reason why Huawei is affected by the rules of the United States is that Hisilicon has only the ability to design and cannot produce chips. Therefore, at present, China attaches great importance to conquering chip manufacturing technology, and Huawei Hisilicon is also transforming to fully enter the semiconductor market. But these plans will take a long time. Huawei and domestic chips must be calm.
So in today’s situation, what level has the domestic chip level reached? Is there any other company that can inherit Huawei’s will after Huawei Hisilicon is constrained by the rules?

Hisilicon is constrained by the rules?
According to the latest news, the ranking of global smartphone chip market share in the third quarter of 2020 has been released. And Chinese chip giants have risen successfully, surpassing Qualcomm, Huawei and Samsung by 31%! The giant, called MediaTek, is an old chip manufacturer whose business is very similar to that of Qualcomm in the United States.
You know, before, whether in the domestic or global market, Qualcomm has always occupied a leading position. Its chips are widely used in mobile phone products except apple and Huawei. However, this time, MediaTek has realized anti super, becoming the new world’s largest chip manufacturer. This is also the first time that MediaTek has defeated Qualcomm. It can be said that it has fulfilled a long cherished wish.
Many people may not believe that MediaTek can achieve such good results, but it is true. As Huawei Hisilicon and Qualcomm have suffered some adverse effects, the successful rise of MediaTek is an inevitable result. Coupled with the popularity of 5g chips, MediaTek is favored by domestic mobile phone companies, so it can naturally gain a larger market.
As for the influence of Huawei Hisilicon, I believe everyone is very clear. Then why did the United States’ Qualcomm also suffer setbacks, thus giving MediaTek the opportunity to surpass it? As a matter of fact, the answer is very simple. This time, Qualcomm was “trapped” by its own people, resulting in a serious shrinkage of its chip business and a significant decline in its market share.
Qualcomm was “trapped” by its own people
There are two main reasons for this. It is enough to prove that a large part of the reason why Qualcomm is defeated by MediaTek lies in the unreasonable behavior of the United States. That is to say, Qualcomm has been “trapped” by its own people, who refer to the United States. If it were not for some measures taken by the United States, Qualcomm might still be the first in the world.
First of all, the first reason is that the chip rules issued by the United States to Huawei have led to the loss of Huawei as a major customer. Since the birth of Kirin chip, Huawei has no longer used the chip of Qualcomm, but they still have business contacts in other aspects. After the rules came into effect, this kind of cooperation was completely cut off.
After all, Huawei is the largest mobile phone manufacturer and technology company in China, and its every move will have a great influence. It is understood that after losing Huawei, Qualcomm will bear the loss of tens of billions of dollars every year, which is unacceptable to it.
Secondly, the second reason is that the United States’ unreasonable action against Huawei has caused a consistent resistance attitude in China. As a genuine American enterprise, Qualcomm will naturally become the object of Chinese resistance. In the second half of this year, most of the chip manufacturers of Qualcomm will be able to survive in China.
It can be seen that there are reasons why Qualcomm was overtaken by MediaTek. On the one hand, MediaTek worked hard enough and its strength was excellent. On the other hand, it was caused by the so-called “pit” of rules in the United States, and it has not recovered until now.
Write at the end
In any case, Huawei Hisilicon and MediaTek are the leading domestic chip companies, and their achievements deserve the recognition of every Chinese. I hope that Huawei Hisilicon can get rid of all the adverse external factors and realize the real rise like lianfake, while at that time, Qualcomm can only look up and sigh!
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