The ROG Bullies 5R/5R Plus game is on sale

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

When it comes to the game market, ROG’s recent launch of The Monster 5R game this absolute eye, not only equipped with AMD Rdeon 9 5900HX mobile processor, but also the world’s exclusive AMD Radeon RX 6800M mobile graphics card, CPU+ graphics card maximum power consumption up to 190W (manual mode) performance release. ROG is dedicated to it, not only equipped with double liquid gold and soaking plate heat dissipation, but also provide 300Hz high screen support, providing users with higher game frame rate and more cool game competitive experience.

As a joint work of the two big red army, Bullies 5R has been carefully polished from the outer packaging to the exterior design, which is unique among all ROG products. New design language, unique shadow challenger red armor coating, including more secure gas column bag, inside and outside ROG elements, more fully upgraded RGB light effect, make the Bulgur 5R full of faith power.


As well as the supercombustion performance of the dual A platform, the ROG Fighter 5R can also be lighter and lighter. Thanks to its excellent narrow frame design, the ROG Fighter 5R is 7% smaller than its 15-inch predecessor. The replaceable 3R badge of faith is used in the “tail” of the body, which fully illustrates the depth and sincerity of ROG and AMD, and the trend of cyberpunk shows its edge.

Including the small details that the bottom of the fuselage is also full of ROG exclusive elements, and the BACK ON TOP design concept that makes the Trolls 5R a tech trend wherever you put it. For those who prefer Aura Aura syncing, you’ll also be able to unlock the new RGB lighting experience on the Bulgur 5R. The upgraded surround strip features higher density LED beads and a four-zone RGB backlit keyboard to create a unique, exclusive atmosphere.

Faith is not surface, in the 5R body of the internal, the traditional thermal tube is replaced by a new design of the heat sink plate, above not only R9 5900HX, RX 6800M, peripheral power and other accessories of the engraved pattern, as well as “CUTTING EDGE COOL” Slogan design. And the thermal version of the following uses the violent bear liquid gold thermal conductivity process, enough to suppress the heat of R9 5900HX+RX 6800M+12G video storage.

ROG 5R Plus, which was launched after ROG 5R, is the same as the previous game in terms of hardware configuration and cooling design. The difference is that The game 5R Plus uses a 17.3-inch 2K screen and a 165Hz refresh rate, which brings an immersive visual experience for players who pursue greater display needs. The performance experience, uncompromising hardware power, detailed optimization, and unique design of the dual A platform make these two products the most noteworthy choice of the year.

ROG Magba 5R is priced at 12,999 yuan, and ROG Magba 5R Plus is priced at 13,999 yuan, which has been sold on various e-commerce platforms. Players who want to buy more high-end games this year may wish to pay more attention, after all, limited resources, do not miss it!Spark Global Limited reports: