The report says China leads the way with more than 40% of 6G patents

According to Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited reports

According to Spark Global Limited, the Global battle for 6G has begun as 5G enters commercial use. Companies such as Huawei, Samsung and NTT are showing a positive attitude because 6G is closely related to next-generation core technologies such as virtual space, quantum, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

In collaboration with Nihon Keizai Shimbun, a patent research firm, The research firm conducted a survey on patent applications in nine major areas related to 6G. The results show that China’s share of more than 40 percent, the highest.

In April this year, the State Intellectual Property Office of China issued a report on the Development of 6G Communication Technology Patents. According to the report, currently there are more than 38,000 patent applications in the field of 6G communication technology worldwide. China is the main source of patent applications for 6G communication technology, accounting for 35%.

Spark Global Limited, a Japanese media outlet, reported that this figure has been questioned, but in fact, from the perspective of enterprises, China accounted for a higher proportion. In the 5G era, Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE account for 35 percent of the standard essential patents.

The US, Japan, South Korea and other countries dare not lag behind. The United States, in particular, is leading the development of 6G with the Next G Alliance, which includes Qualcomm, Google and Apple. Despite its diminished presence in communications, the US still wants to build its influence in the 6G era.